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  • RAW

    Wendy Williams is a dumb bitch. Hating on people who have made shit outta there lives all she does is talk bout them. she shouild get a 9-5 instead of gossiping with other jobless folk.

  • KeepitTrusty

    she doing her job. The skit was true… if your pregnant your stomach doesn’t go in like B’s did. We will never know if she was pregnant or wearing a pregnant suite. Just because shes rich and has alot of fans don’t mean she is telling the truth about being pregnant. Money makes the world go round and get you alot of things.

    • JugularKill

      Jay-Z and Beyonce do not speak to the Enquirer she’s an idiot they don’t even like her.

      In fact no celebrity talks to the enquirer, they make stuff up just like Wendy.

      Wendy Williams is a disgusting whore! she is not just doing her job.

      Check out wikipedia:

      Williams has been referred to (often negatively) in song lyrics by several artists, among them
      Bizzy Bone,
      Will Smith,
      Lil’ Kim,
      50 Cent,
      Mariah Carey,
      Rick Ross,
      Lil Wayne,
      Whitney Houston,
      Royce da 5’9″,
      and 2Pac.

      I have no respect for anyone who respects her.

  • Tonya Williams

    I know that I did not like her the 1st time I saw her show… She is messy and loves to talk about people.. Well dont cover up now! Jayz and B.. could buy your show and leave you talk less.. Lets talk about all the crack that you smoked back in the day.. did you tell your child that.. Or lets talk about why you look so much like a man? You are not cute at all nothing about you. You talk about others to make yourself feel better!!”how you doin?”