Bad Girls Club’s Wilmarie Sena: “I’m Such a Control Freak in Bed!”

Hair pulled or waist grabbed? Waist grabbed. The hair pull – sometimes dudes OD with that. Then I feel like my neck’s abou to crack too.

Clean-shaven or landing strip? I’m bipolar with my punany. I’ll shave it all or I’ll rock a 70s bush, which is weird. But I’ll shave it off for a guy, when it’s time for sex.

Just regular sex or anal? Just regular. No anal!

Lights on or off? I like lights off. I like for everything to be dark and I like being under the sheets too.

Private or Public? I’ve had sex in a public bathroom, but at the park, the temperature would have to be good. I’ve done it in a busy New York street in one of those vans that have the beds in them with the shades open. That’s public. That was pretty cool.

Spit or swallow? If you [ejaculate] in my mouth, I will do the most non-romantical thing: shoot to the bathroom, spit it out and start brushing my teeth. Just nut on my chest, belly or butt…all good.

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  • mike4282

    She sounds like a good ” friends with benefits ” type of girl. NO way i would wifey her though. Best part: She likes giving head Worst part: For me its the fact that she tried to hook up with other girls is no good if you want a wifey. Otherwise…its ok.

  • James

    I’d Make Her My Misses