Wilmarie Sena should be any guy’s dream girl. She’s sexy, says what’s on her mind, loves playing video games and her New Year’s Resolution is to slow down on drinking so much beer. Here, the former Bad Girls Club member does a This or That with XXL, talking about everything from having sex with the lights off, being a giver and loving sex on top. Wilmarie is one badd girl. —Christopher Minaya

The Bad Girls Club show or Wale/J. Cole's Bad Girls Club song? I don't like the song. I'm sorry. I think it's such a corny song. I thought they could have done a better job.

Rappers or singers? I like rappers. I don't like R&B shit.

Season 6 or Season 8 of Bad Girls Club? I think Season 8 is going to be better than ours.

On top or bottom? On top. I like to take control. I'm such a control freak in the bed! Sometimes I get lazy and tell the guy he could be on top, but I like being on top.

An hour of sex or less? It depends on the guy. If you're just fucking this guy and it's like a guy and his penis, if you like it, you go for hours.

Sex with only guys or girls too? Just guys. I tried the girls thing for a day and I gave it up. I was trying to get some, but I quit. Bitches are crazy, yo. I don't know how guys deal with us.

Giver or taker? I give head, yes. I do the Beetlejuice. In the movie Beetlejuice, his head spins all the way around. I kind of do that when I'm in this crazy sexy mood. I do this crazy head turn. It's been named the Beetlejuice. I have exes calling me like, 'Yo, can I get some Beetlejuice?' They try to get their girls to learn it.

Hands or no hands? I don't [use hands], which is awesome. I think it's awesome.