There's no fancy way of saying it other than former Bad Girls Club member Erica Lynne is one bad chick. Here, the Orange County, Ca. native fills in the blanks with XXLMag.com about why dudes love her, her sexual fantasy and what she'd do for her man on his birthday. Baaaad Girl...come out and plaaaay!

I call Orange County aka the O.C. my city.

The best part about being a bad girl is getting what I want when I want it.

The biggest misconception about being a bad girl is that we're all emotionally unstable and alcoholics [Laughs]. Thanks to certain girls that have been cast in past seasons most think we're all a bunch of nut jobs.

The best Bad Girl Club season ever was my season, Season Five, because we were the most attractive cast collectively and the first season to ever be filmed outside L.A.

A girl I'd hook up with from the Bad Girls Club is my boo Tiffany because she got swag, she sexy, motivated and she's my bitch.

My face and eyes drives all men crazy because there's nothin' like a pair of green eyes staring at you from a pretty face and a fat ass.

The key to shaking your ass in the club is having ass to begin with, period. [Laughs] Real cheeks clap better by the way.

The key to hot sex is passion and location, location, location.

My favorite position is being the boss, making money and telling people what to do.

My sexual fantasy is cooking dinner in red lipstick and some sexy ass stilettos for my man, and him coming home from work and fucking me while dinner's still cooking; bending me over the oven or throwing me up on the counter and gripping my hips as he pulls me toward him.

The craziest place I've ever had sex is there's too many locations to pick one [Laughs].

On my man's birthday, I'd cook for him, buy him something he's always wanted, take him to the spot we first met. If fitting for our location, do a little striptease by the end of the night and then give him the best head he's ever gotten followed by the ride of his life to rock his world.

To be a true bad girl, one must start trends and opening doors for other bad girls to follow in their footsteps to accomplish the same levels of success and goals, as well as encourage their success and growth instead of feel threatened by it or hate on it! I always put my Bad Girls Club sisters on game with whatever I can.

The only regret I have in life is I have zero regrets. Every decision, whether it be bad or good, has made me into the strong, assertive independent female I am today.

In 10 years, I'll be married with a few kids, have my Master's degree in kinesiology and owning my own physical training practice.