Young Buck may still be tied up in a deal with G-Unit Records, but that isn’t stopping him from accepting a helping hand from 50 Cent’s nemesis – Rick Ross.

In an interview with the Hip Hop Official website, the Cashville, Tennessee rapper shared that he’s currently working on a mixtape that will be backed by Ross’ Maybach Music Group.

“I’m working on a mixtape right now on behalf of Maybach Music,” Buck told the site. “Salute to them.”

Over the weekend, while hosting his Maybach Music Group Take Over in Trinidad & Tobago, Ross also befriended another former disgruntled G-Unit member, Bang ’Em Smurf. In footage captured from the weekend, Smurf shook hands with Ross, before declaring: “All day, MMG, gangsta!” Smurf is also prepping a new mixtape, “300,” although there’s no telling if that too will be backed by Ross’ MMG imprint.

Check back with as this story further develops. –Jakinder Singh