Young Buck to Release Mixtape on Rick Ross’ MMG, Ross Befriends Bang ‘Em Smurf

Young Buck may still be tied up in a deal with G-Unit Records, but that isn’t stopping him from accepting a helping hand from 50 Cent’s nemesis – Rick Ross.

In an interview with the Hip Hop Official website, the Cashville, Tennessee rapper shared that he’s currently working on a mixtape that will be backed by Ross’ Maybach Music Group.

“I’m working on a mixtape right now on behalf of Maybach Music,” Buck told the site. “Salute to them.”

Over the weekend, while hosting his Maybach Music Group Take Over in Trinidad & Tobago, Ross also befriended another former disgruntled G-Unit member, Bang ’Em Smurf. In footage captured from the weekend, Smurf shook hands with Ross, before declaring: “All day, MMG, gangsta!” Smurf is also prepping a new mixtape, “300,” although there’s no telling if that too will be backed by Ross’ MMG imprint.

Check back with as this story further develops. –Jakinder Singh

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  • Brand-New

    50 needs to let Buck go. I know Young Buck fucked up his end of the deal, but Buck is having so many problems and i kinda feel bad for the guy. It kind of reminds me of the Puffy and Mase/Lox situation.

  • that nigga

    XXL is late. Bang Em’ Smurf been fuckin’ with Rick Ross since him and 50 started beefing, couple years ago.

  • aaron

    Young Buck needs to stop his beef…….go get a deal with another label……

  • Om Sag

    Buck Marley her we go !….. keep it real Buck and i’m looking 4ward for that mixtape son

  • pap0z00m

    buck and bang em smurf both need to be back on G Unit 50cent made his money, buck and smurf are goons, and bang em smurf, can be the next 50cent with a little guidance under 50cent, going to rick rosses camp would make them look like suckers, after all they been through with 50, good bussiness decision to let smurf go at the time, but now its time to put smurf back on and mash out the industry, buck should have never had G Unit south, bad bussiness buck is a great artist but not, president of a label, oh hell no, long story short buck and smurf belong on G Unit that’s where they fit in and thats where they can become millionaires’ and buck and smurf need to think about that, more importantly 50 needs to think about it, That can be part 2 of get rich or die trying, come on 50 make bang em smurf a boss and show him how to eat, you made a great decision to send smurf back to the hood to get his mind right, but now it’s time to go back and get him, you should of got him 3 albums ago, you in control come on 50, your a great leader, now show others how to lead, and never sign the game ever again, he is the reason G unit, started cooling off, he was a trader from the very begining, smurf really wanted to be down for you, he was just to wild, buck just had to many people in his ear, instead of just riding out the situation, you cant be a boss untill you learn how to manage your money like a boss, untill you can do that, you should have followed suit buck, you aint gonna make money anywhere like you did with G Unit, 50 cent didnt spend your money