Waka Flocka Sums Up Troublesome 2011 in New “Rap Game Stressful” Video

How was 2011 for Waka Flocka Flame? Stressful.

Waka Flocka makes that point clear in his new video “Rap Game Stressful,” which hit the net today.

“Damn! Those folks ain’t playing!” Waka opens up saying in the video that he executive-produced. “They showing up at my house, serving papers, riding through the hood with my picture, putting tracking devices on my truck, probably got my muthafuckin’ phone tapped. And on top of that shit, my patna got killed. Fuck.”

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Waka started his year turning himself in to authorities in Atlanta following a raid on his home. He was subsequently slapped with multiple charges, including drugs and weapon possession. And the trouble only followed the Brick Squad rapper, as his tour bus was shot four times while at a stop in Charlotte, North Carolina in February. His own charity bowling event in Atlanta got violent, when a foe punched Waka in the face, leading to an all-out brawl in October. Worst of all, his friend and fellow Brick Squad rapper Slim Dunkin was shot dead in an Atlanta studio earlier this month. Dunkin was only 28, his alleged murderer having just turned himself in yesterday.

“Rap Game Stressful” is a record off Waka’s last mixtape, Salute Me or Shoot Me 3. —Jakinder Singh

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  • Jonnie Zeno

    Mario (Slim Dunkin) was only 24 years old…

  • HU

    Bad things happen to stupid people trying to live out a thug fantasy. It’s not right to wish death on anyone but if Slim Dunkin or anyone Wacka associates with dies they probably had it coming. Either way, their death makes the world a better place because it’s one less ignorant fake gangsta walking the streets.

  • HU

    One more thing, Wacka and any person in his crew dying tragically might save the lives of thousands of young black kids who will see that thuggin and tatting up your neck is a clear pipeline to prison or death.

  • http://www.eyerideonline.com/ Poul David

    You raise some really good points, and thanks for your note. I do think it is a matter of getting out in front of this issue, and being service-minded, tempered with the right kinds of controls.