Atlanta rapper and Waka Flocka Flame affiliate, Slim Dunkin, was mourned in a public viewing service in his hometown on Thursday night (December 22). According to, the open memorial was held at the Willie A. Watkins Funeral Home as friends, family and fans gathered from 6 PM to 9 PM to pay respects to the slain rapper.

Among the attendees was Dunkin's Brick Squad brother Waka, who, although noticeably upset, according to the blog site, remained composed as he mourned the loss of his friend. Wooh Da Kid and other members of BS were also present, among many other guests.

Slim Dunkin (born Mario Hamilton) was a member of Waka Flocka’s Brick Squad Monopoly; he was shot and killed last week after an altercation with another man in an Atlanta recording studio. According to police reports, Slim was killed over candy. Police have since gotten a warrant for the arrest of a 28-year-old man named Vinson Hardimon, also known as rapper Young Vito, who they urge turn himself in since they have reason to believe he may be in danger.

Dunk was an emerging artist in Waka Flocka Flame's Brick Squad Monopoly crew. Aside from appearing alongside Flocka on his 2010 debut album, Flockaveli, and on Gucci Mane and V-Nasty's recently-released BAYTL LP, Slim was also beginning to make noise as a solo artist. This past Halloween the street spitter released Menace II Society, a 20-track mixtape that features Gucci Mane, Roscoe Dash and Pastor Troy.

“WISH IT WAS ME ... MY F---ING RIGHT HAND IS GONE," and "IM LOST,” Waka tweeted via Twitter this past weekend in grief for his great lost. —Mariel Concepcion