Tyler, The Creator, Arrested for Vandalism

Tyler, the Creator has been arrested.

The Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All frontman was arrested in Hollywood last night (December 22) after he allegedly trashed some sound equipment inside the world-famous Roxy on Sunset Blvd after performing there, according to TMZ.

The entertainment website reports that cops were called by Roxy staff around 11:30 PM and that Tyler was taken into custody in front of his mother, who was visibly upset as she yelled at cops.

Tyler was arrested on suspicion of vandalism and was taken to a nearby station to be booked. The videos below show Tyler kicking equipment and yelling at the sound man and then acting erratic with the cops while getting arrested.

Tune back to XXLMag.com as this story develops. —Mariel Concepcion (@mceezy)

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  • Marino

    Mannnn…kinda liked the music he was droppin’ lately, but f*cking hate the way he’s puttin’ himself out there…Lil’ attention whore, and everybody cheering for the mahfuckah when he’s trashing shit..very disrespectful

    • brandon x

      shut the fuck up dumb ass you not smart enough that it was something done to piss tyler off and what the video shows is a reaction to what had been done to him don’t let the media fool you…. it makes you a dumb ass when you cant look past what’s being shown

  • slimmwood

    this is today’s generation of hip hop representing itself to the fullest…ignorance at it’s finest. absolutely no reason at all

  • demonik

    fuck yea!!! kill people, burn shit, fuck school!!! the sound guy was prolly being a littlt bitch, tryin to cut em’ off or something. fuck the Roxy. this is hip today!!! fuck that soft shit!! id rather see a fuckin mosh pit rather than a bitch ass mello atmosphere.

  • Smitty

    “he was taken into custody in front of his mother, who was visibly upset”… i feel like that just ruins his whole image of being a rebel

  • http://www.cubcnn.com raskoeonescla

    this dude prob wanted to go to jail so he can take it in the ass. fuck this faggot!

  • http://Airmaxmusic.com airmaxmusic.com

    Hahah Tyler doing his thing. it was just a matter of time. poor dude had his mother watching though that must be rough.

  • ceno39

    todays generation of hip hop and rap is better than the wanna be hustlers of the late 90′s and early 2000′s. they dont try to be thugs or act like the cook shit up on the stove, they are just kids. chill out.

  • your all faggots

    you’re all dumb as fuck.. the reason he flipped is because 2 girls got hurt and he was trying to get the sound guy to turn up his mic so he could tell the crowd to calm down.

    you’re all a bunch of fucking fags

  • sen29

    You must admit dude look like a monkey