TSA Agents Tells Freddie Gibbs “C’mon Son” After Finding Weed In Luggage

“C’mon Son” was a message left by a TSA agent to Freddie Gibbs this past Wednesday (December 14), after finding weed inside the rapper’s baggage during screening.

Taking place at the Denver Internation Airport, Gibbs revealed the stunning account via his Twitter, tweeting “The TSA found my weed and let me keep it. They just left me a note. “C’mon Son” Lol”

Right below the 140-max characters of text was this image of the actual note and weed bags:

Calls from XXLMag.com to Gibb’s management for comments weren’t immediately returned.

This is not the first time that TSA baggage screeners have been leaving these notes however. Last October, a similar incident occurred when a female passenger was left with a creepy message saying, “get your freak on girl” after a vibrator was found in her baggage. —Ralph Bristout

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  • sarkastixxx

    Word Sun!! Thought you was a gangsta keepin it real. Why you snitchin on yourself, better yet why you fuckin it up for niggas like me who need to get smoke pass TSA. Thanks Freddie Gibbs!!!!

  • Cali

    whomever wrote c’mon son is because that isn’t considered weed by todays standards or what is out here on these streets.

  • CaponeMOB

    WOW! how smart to tweet about this shit so some body in denver starts investigating who were the TSA agents working when gibbs was there (its easy to find out gibbs goverment name) and THEN how SMART to POST the note they left behind so they could trace back the handwriting to an agent. its so easy to do it with hand writing analisys. …..SMH rap niggaz they NEVER learn. and fuck it up for everybody else!

    • Calhoun

      Mane this nigga is a trip! The niggas that let this fool go through with the weed is gonna loose their job for trying to be kool with this dummy. They should have sent this bitch to jail.

  • wtf

    so this nigga is snitchin out the agents who let him go, just so he can gossip about it online?!?!

    niggas is full flown fags these days…

  • Gary, Indiana “Kocaine”

    u f#$@ up homes, you no that it was a blessing not going to jail. n u might
    cost someone’s or everybodys’ job for the holiday..don’t be suprise u get indicted…

    • Ok Mr. Kocaine

      Dick head from Gary, Indiana… its know not NO read a book it won’t make you dumber . And you can still sell kocaine.

  • http://crunkatlanta.weebly.com Crunkatlanta

    why people keep doing this…. maybe he was HIGH when he packed…