Tech N9ne to do First-Ever USO Tour in Middle East For U.S. Troops

Tech N9ne is set to go on the first-ever USO Tour to the Middle East to perform for the U.S. troops.

“I was inspired to go out on a USO tour by my military fans and all the wounded warriors I met at Camp Pendleton,” Tech said via a press release statement. “I can’t wait to fly over to the Middle East and spend time with our men and women in uniform.”

The USO entertainment tour will have Tech visiting with thousands of airmen, marines, soldiers and sailors and performing six live-action shows for them, although the countries and exact tour dates cannot be released at this time due to security reasons.—Christian Mordi

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  • ofir

    tech, come to israel if your allready in the area. dying to see you perform live!!

  • http://facebook kenny freeborn

    a techhim my names kenny freeborn im in 173d airborne brigade combat team i left afghanistan and am stationed in germany man come through !! we got mad love chemical imbalance ptsd hooah

  • Travis

    Tech you are the man, thanks for supporting our troops out there on the battlefield. Stay safe man. Those troops are in for a real treat, tech n9ne shows rock the fucking house!

  • ryan

    man that the most encourage thing to do

  • Franny

    That is awesome! Daughtry is over there now with the Airforce Tour

  • Ashley

    LOVE YOU TECH!!!!!

  • Rosa B

    Word! Tech N9ne! Support our Troops! Thank you service Men and Women!!

  • peepingtomette2

    beautiful…my mothers a ret. marine this runs high w/ me!

  • Mike L

    Man I would have loved to catch you out here, but Im leaving Afghanistan here real soon, too bad, it would have been sick to see you out here.

  • Nik

    Yo Tech gotta come to Afghanistan mane. im in the gym listinin to yo shit every day out here. Please come out here that would be fuckin awesome

  • J.Stephens

    Hey man, you got technicians in Sasebo, Japan. We are the pacific fleet. Navy Hooyah!

  • jonny d

    come to kandahar airfield tech it would be sooo dope 2 see u here before i leave

  • Jack Frost

    tech..come to camp marmal, afghanistan please. theres a large group of ppl who would love to c u perform out here

  • Myles

    I’m not the US Military, but I’m a Sonar Operator in the Canadian Navy. Listen to you all the time Tech. Appreciate what you’re doing for the boys.

  • thomas

    im in kandahar afghanistan

  • XEEN

    Love from Poland Tech!

  • niro

    Hey Tech come to Israel!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kenny

    big fan tech seen you right after killer came out in milwaukee with prozak kmk and hed pe. im in afghanistan would love to se ya here

  • maxx

    not deployed right now but i would love to see you come through aviano, italy! i’ve been stationed here for almost 3 years now and would love to see a little bit of america!

  • luke

    Tech i know its not overseas but you should come down to ft. stewart, GA. It would be fuckin bananas if you did. not to mention im from KC too. shit would be crazy if you could do it.

  • SPC Walsh Eric

    Tech no way!!! That is badass. Im in Kandahar Afghanistan and you have no idea how HUGE that would be for you to come here!!!

  • Paul

    mad respect for you. your show was insane at the palladium, wish i could see you out there with the rest of my team, but im out at sea.

  • Tish

    I’ve been a Navy brat my entire life and have not lived in the US or had the chance to see Tech N9ne in concert :(
    Come to Singapore! Or go to Japan! I’d go to Japan just to see you!
    much love & respect <3

  • TonioG85

    BAHRAIN….holla at cha boy TECH!!!

  • hannah JFRESH

    Quantico Virginia. The basic school

  • Dickerson

    Tech, while I would kill to see you over here in Germany, I would much rather that you go see the troops in Afghanistan. I just got back from a tour over there, and having you perform there would have boosted my morale incredibly, much as I am sure many troops would have the same feeling. I would suggest Kabul, but since we left, the terrorists have gotten a bit more bold, and have used more vehicle bombs against targets. If I were you, I’d find out where the active-duty troops are, and perform there. Not only are we less able to see you in concert when compared to National Guardsmen, we are far better at protecting convoys.

  • NateDezay

    Lots of us would love to see you come out to Bahrain and Qatar while we are on R&R from deployments.

  • Jake

    technicians!!! ahoo! ahoo! ahoo!

  • nate

    Shipping out in march

  • seth

    TECH names seth Im with 1st cav we just shut down Iraq Im inkuwait waiting on a plane to texas

  • RECK


    Tech N9ne is the GREATEST Rapper ALIVE!

  • Tom Harris

    If there is anything I can do to support you on this tour let me know.



  • deleted33nc

    come to germany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!