Shyne Promises Better Music in New Year

Shyne recognizes his latest music offerings have been far from his best, but he also wants fans to understand that one doesn’t just do nine years in prison, the way he did, and return to form instantly.

During an interview with, Shyne said he wants listeners to know he’s still very much trying to find his footing after completing nine years of a 10-year prison bid stemming from his involvement in a 1999 Club New York shooting.

“I spent 10 years in hell with murderers, all types of degenerates and cats that want to kill you and all types of crazy things…you don’t just come back,” Shyne says. “You got to learn that studio again. For me, it’s taking me a while to find my way around the studio again and get my voice back and get everything back.”

The 32-year-old rapper also explained that it wasn’t a conscious decision on his part to change his flow as much as circumstances that lead it to alter.

“It wasn’t me sitting there saying, ‘I don’t want to give the people what they want,’” Shyne says. “Yo, I spent 10 years in the pen! Ain’t nobody did that! Even when I was putting the records out, I thought what I was putting out was great, and it was, but it didn’t have any soul.

“Going to prison killed me,” he adds. “It killed me. When I came out I was dead and I didn’t even know that. For me, I think I should have made the people understand what we’re talking about right now a long time ago. Nobody wants to hear an excuse too long, but I think it would have gave them a perspective of what was going on with me.”

Still, Shyne promises he’s getting his mojo back and finding his groove musically.

“I feel it’s back and top of the year, you’re going to hear the new music,”he says. “It’s definitely a million times better than [guest verse on Lil Wayne’s] “Outro.” That was just the turning point, as far as getting it back.

“I can’t wait [for fans to hear it], but I got to make sure it’s right because they were waiting for so long and then it wasn’t what it was supposed to be,” She continues. “I’m a million times better than that, though. I think the people are going to roll with it.” —Mark Lelinwalla

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  • rich

    Why didn’t he say that before he took that money from Def Jam. Know he needs time to get his flow back. Return that check then. He wasn’t that great to begin with.

  • http://xxlmag Ian

    You are an idiot. Sorry, but your comment makes no sense and this man shows greatness just by doing a self assessment.

  • PM

    He said what we know, rapping is like a sport practice makes you better. He must have though it was great, but he should’ve had someone telling him whats up realty check. Records should have never been put out, they did more harm then anything for him.

  • CaponeMOB

    i just dont know what took shyne almost 2yrs to finally say some shit.for that matter he should just have stayed in the gym much more praticing before he stepped to the paint.he should have released 1 song and told his fans,niggas, this is how i sound like, so thats why you aint goin to hear any more material from me till i get back on game. and i think its bullshit,he finally realized it after the fans kept sayin they wanted the old shyne,but he fucked up cuz he lost alotta potential young fans that are stuck with drake,ross,and these young niggaz what real RAP music sounds like.

  • makka sotobe

    Shyne is honest and he’s getting in touch with who he is and what he’s just survived! An honest man.

  • ayyyy

    i can’t wait till he gets his flow intact he gonna be awesome. he used to be amazing but he’s still breaking in. hopefully he will be back to his form before his 9 year stint. he’s really talented and theres way too much fake rappers now that have opened up the game so much that anyone can become popular as a rapper and suck at it like lil b- he is really horrible and v nasty and gucci mane are all horrible rappers that haven’t gained fame back in the 90s there were only the best on top not everyone like nowadays we have to differentiate the real music from the fake music. shyne is a perfect example of a real musician. cant wait till his album comes out and he shows the fakes who’s boss.

  • RTL

    he should promise to quit rappin, cause he´s wack

  • cosrhyme187k

    wtf all u haters talking bout. u must’ve never heard of “shyne”(his fist album) and god father buried alive, 2 classic albums that are playable all the way thru. what other artist nowadays can say that (besides rick ross and lil wayne, obviously) now a days an album is maybe 1/3 of good music and the rest is garbage and people call them great albums. his album hasent even dropped yet. another thing have you shine haters heard of “rollers song” (the original not the one with the video) that shit is crazy. get off the the mans back he just did 9yrs when most of you would of opt out by snitching he took the bid and ran wit it. ps fuck puffy, p shitty, sean buster combs mans got no loyalty but to his money (read the old xxl shyne jail interview)

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