Shyne Allowed in The United States as Belize Goodwill Ambassador Only

Hip-hop fans may be under the impression Shyne is still not allowed in the United States. However, the former Bad Boy Records rapper tells XXL that he’s actually allowed in the country, but only under strict conditions.

“I can come to the U.S. as a Diplomat because I’m a Goodwill Ambassador for my country Belize,” Shyne, whose father, Dean Barrow, serves as the Prime Minister of Belize and the leader of the United Democratic Party, tells XXL. “My job is really to go around the world for Belize and get people to invest in the country and to promote the country.”

That being said, Shyne would technically be able to tour the U.S. and even revisit his former hometown of Brooklyn, but it would have to be while on a Goodwill trek.

“If I came to America on a Shyne Goodwill college tour, where we go to all the colleges and go to the inner cities and went on a peace tour, then it would work,” says Shyne. “If we did something like that it would be hard for them to say no, but it would have to be something like that on a Goodwill tour.”

Shyne is currently on such a tour in Paris, helping to raise money in hopes of erecting music education resource centers in Belize, Brooklyn and Ethiopia. —Mark Lelinwalla

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  • Leroy Love

    Its funny how fans eat up the images their favorite rappers try to portray. This dude daddy is a Prime Minister of a country, but you would think he grew up living off food stamps and welfare checks…….In truth, this dude had a better upbringing than most of us could every imagine.

    • Ev E

      He grew up in Brooklyn without his father. So no, he didn’t come up better than most of us.

      • Leroy Love

        Dude didn’t move to East Flatbush until he was thirteen, and he was raised in an upper middle class environment while there. I understand that you tend to beleive the work “Brooklyn” is synomous with “street cred”, but truth be toldl, this dude was raised more like “Carlton Banks” than “Shyne”….LMAO. do your research mam.

  • Nino

    Nah, y’all wrong, dude has never been tight with his father, he only met him a while ago, his father never recognize the paternity.

    • Leroy Love

      Bruh, I never said he was tight with his dad growing up. I’m implying that he was not raised in the ghetto, but lived with a silver spoon in mouth which was provided by his moms and her family. His moms brother is an important man in Belize as well so Shyne was doing good regardless of how his relationship with his dad was. Ands its obvious that they have patched things up. Also, I don’t want to sound like Im hating on the man. Im actually proud that he came out of prison and has become a better man for it. I just dont like people trying to pretend they came up in a lifestyle they only seen out of they bedroom window. Nas might be in this category too.

  • aaron

    I m going to say this……..Please Shyne stop talking like someone cares about your career….you are a aveage Rapper!……also if you are gonna blame Puffy for you doing the Bid….PLEASE SAY SO!…SMH

  • http://1nation sen29

    shyne was loyal to puffy like a solider but once he found this dude had no loyalty to him it was over .shyne should have looked at how puffy treat people use them and drop them even biggie he allowed biggie to go out on the west coast during a very fucked up time tupac was just murdered .alot of people were lookin for someone to blame and who better than biggie it was easy, that is not a freind RIP to BIG@ PAC .

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  • http://Aol Frances

    @Leroy love don’t talk what you don’t know Shyne grew up very rough…many times he Neva have food to eat living in Flatbush…finnegan hv nothing to do with Shyne well bein in USA…..his Mom use to wk very hard to keep a roof over ther head ….so pls shut up an support de man….peace

  • tony popper

    thats rite, what you’al hatein for work the system


    Shyne neva deh bout. I support the dude in what he dude altho just recently he start thinking of Belize. If he hadn’t been deported to Belize, Belize wouldn’t be in his head. The dude got a career from somewhere else. The man grew up rough. Research all you want living the life is different that words and paper. No matter who your uncle and family in top ranks they worry bout their own family sisters n brothers have their own. Shyne never was tight with dad. Lived rough.

  • Vincent

    Shyne Po is a very good rap personality to us hiphop heads here in nigeria, and we’re glad he made it thru d system. Hoping to have him back in the booth.

  • ir_creative

    Since when has a normal working class family environment in America been considered a ‘silver spoon’ situation? If Nas grew up close enough to poverty to have seen it out of his window, then he experienced it. The same goes for Shyne. As much as rappers need not glorify the poverty from which they did or did not come, people also need not consider exposure or involvement with poverty, crime, or drugs as prerequisite for speaking on those subjects. Some of the most important revolutionaries in history were born more privileged than the people they fought for.. Che Guevara. MLK…

  • Frank

    Its unfortunate when comments are made without knowung the facts. Although Shyne’s father was the prime Minister of Belize it is said that he grew up an illegitimate child and his mother had to do domestic work in America. the beauty about Shyne is the consistency and the realness in his lyrics. Its not just about how good it sounds, but how much it artistically captures and reflects the urban American experience. the man is a legend.