Jay-Z & Kanye West Paid $6 Million to Perform at Sweet 16 Party

Watch the Throne? How about paying The Throne?

That’s exactly what billionaire Manchester Football Club owner Sheikh Mansour did for his niece’s Sweet 16, reportedly flying out Jay-Z and Kanye West, collectively known as The Throne, to Dubai earlier this month and paying them $6 million to perform at her birthday party recently, all according to reports.

The duo ran through their set for the Sheikh’s niece, performing a number of selections from their joint album; each artist was paid $2.9 million for their participation.

This comes after Yeezy and Hov were nominated for a combined 10 awards at the 2012 Grammys and their joint tour was listed as one of the top grossing treks of the year. —Jakinder Singh

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  • Dortiz


  • NAte

    Sounds shady to me. I’d like to think I wouldn’t preform private parties for the ruling class of some fucked up impoverished country if i had their money. What’s 6 million to these guys. I wish more rappers did positive things once they finally got in a position to influenece people, but money makes you an asshole i guess.

    • jimyyjam

      yead ud like to think tht, but u know its complete and utter bullshit. u would take the money and u would spend it or swim in it naked. and united arab emerits are rich as motherfuckers douche. take thy head out of ones ass.


      LMAO bitch pleaseeeee 6 milli is 6 milli! you would jump on the plane with ur mic on deck to perform for the niece.
      stop playing yourself

    • don baba e

      uae = impoverished? dude ur really dumb

    • dame

      ur an idiot UAE is one of the wealthiest countries in the world… and how does making 6 mil by doing one show translate to they dont do anything for the positive for the community ur statement makes no sense

    • Real Facts

      If you want to protest go occupy Wall Street. This is a capitalist country. They are making more than that each day while people are losing their homes. Don’t start your guilt trip now, go check Bush and Cheney who have Middle Eastern oil in their pockets.

  • Steven

    Wow, you’re a such a hater you’re just making shit up. United Arab Emirates=impoverished??

  • eddyg

    how r they kings of new york when nas killd jigga on ether?
    n kanye sounds like a girl rapping the game is fukd
    bitch ars ni~~as

    • Decatur Atlanta Boi

      Probably because he’s getting 6 mill a show -dumbass-or maybe because he has 10 grammy nods- dumbass-or maybe because he’s sold more than 30 million records-dimwit-or maybe because he’s partial owner of the New Jersey Nets-dummy-or maybe because he sells out major buildings in 30 minutes-stupid-or just maybe….JUST FREAKING MAYBE it’s because he’s done more for hip hop than any MC you can name…..I’ll wait.

      • firstpimpin

        what if I named the wu-tang clan?

  • Kick Knowledge


    Your going to “hate” on Jay and Ye for performing for a 16 year old and have the nerve to say that you wish they did something more “positive” instead?

    Like selling a $400,000 car as part of the promotion for their album, and using the funds to help a third world country isn’t “positive”?

    Ok then.

    Tell me;
    What the fuck have you done for charity lately?

  • Decatur ATL BOI

    You can’t give money, if you don’t continue to make money. dufaces……. Give me 6 mill—PALEEZE!

  • http://xxl eddyg

    who said out bout charity end of day nas is king of new york jay kanye watching while esco sits in it nas is lyricly the best to do it so fuck you he bottled it with prodigy he a fake ass nigga BITCH

  • bobby

    “Payed”?? Really? I swear XXL is almost as bad as Mediatakeout and Worldstar when it comes to spelling and grammar mistakes.

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  • Cavz100

    they getting that gwapp boi.Sheikh Monsour is worth more than 14Bil an his fam practically runs Abu Dabi.so 6 mil for jigga an yeezy are peanuts,thy bought Sergio Aguero(Argentinian soccer player) for 35mil in thee summer an the whole Manchester City team are worth about 250mil easy.

    • Decatur ATL BOI

      @ Cavz100-Right, 6 Mil is like paying the Valet guy or something. Far cry from my 80k salary….DAYUM.

  • dasPlain

    wow “payed”.. and its in the headline. Maybe XXL should ask for some charitable funding from Kanye and Jay-Z’s sweet 16 gig to send their editors through school again.