After rumors posted on gossip website yesterday (December 21) that Shawty Lo was hospitalized, MTV's Rapfix confirmed just last night that the Atlanta rapper was indeed admitted in a hospital due to his diabetes.

“He suffers from diabetes and had to seek immediate medical attention, although he is now resting and doing well,” his manager Johnnie Cabbell said. “He will be able to fulfill his scheduled upcoming performances and appearances."

Over the summer, Shawty Lo told that he had signed a 50/50 deal with 50 Cent's G-Unit label for his own D4L imprint.

“Basically, he told me I’m going to be a main . . . you know a lot of labels have a lot of artists and songs be on the backburner, but he said I’m going to be top prospect over here,” L.O. said. “I feel like what he is to New York, I am to Atlanta.”

With the partnership, Lo becomes the first southern artist on the Unit since Young Buck. Although Shawty Lo is cool with Buck, he said he didn’t speak to him about the 50/50 joint venture. He is happy about his new squad, though. “I am on a winning team,” L.O. said. —Gina Montana