Political Activist Fred Hampton, Jr. Criticizes Jay-Z Over Lyrics, Calls Him “Slave-Z”

Jay-Z is coming under fire for lyrics on “Murder to Excellence” off his and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne album.

Fred Hampton, Jr., the son of late Black Panther Party leader Fred Hampton, is taking exception to Jay-Z’s line on the song, in which he spits: “I arrived on the day Fred Hampton died/Uh, real niggas just multiply.”

According to the Ruby Hornet website, Hampton, Jr. addressed Hov’s line while speaking during a screening at the University of Chicago this past weekend.

“He was assassinated,” Hampton, Jr. said. “Saying Fred Hampton died is like the school teacher telling students that Christopher Columbus discovered America.”

He went on to refer to Jay as “Slave-Z.”

Jigga’s line was referencing his December 4th birthday, which was also the same date that Fred Hampton was murdered in an FBI raid. –Jakinder Singh

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  • hdotlazarus

    Clearly didn’t mean it in a disrespectful way, Jay-Z’s smarter than that.

  • Beantown Bomber

    To be completely honest Jr. overreacted. I mean yes his father was assassinated which counts as dying last time I checked. Hov didn’t seem to use Mr. Hampton’s death in a mockery way…it just fit with the song. Easy for me to say because it wasn’t my father who was killed but damn calling Hov “Slave-Z” was dumb. Let other ppl overreact to my post tho….

    • Steve

      Aww hell naw! Homie you can’t even come at Jr like that bro. His pops got kilt bro. Fuck you mean bro! lol. jk.

      But seriously, I agree with you.

  • Antoine

    he didnt mean it in a disrespectful way… If you pay attention he said I arrived the day fred hampton died… real Niggaz multiply… implying that fred hampton was a real nigga why so sensitive… it was a compliment….


    Itz SAD how our GENERATION overlooks the ORIGINATORS & gives PROPS to the REMIXERS as if they were the CREATORS!
    JAYZ RICK ROSS NOR ANY other of these FAKE Gangsta rappers need to CHECK themselves! I come from a land where we birthed LEADERS that have impacted the world around us! Chicago! From Jeff Fort to Pres. Obama! PEOPLE (not obama) SACRIFICED their lives so that these rappers can speak freely and have the opportinities they hav now! ALL THESE BABY THIGH AZZ NIGGAS ATE from the FREE breakfast programs when their own momma wasnt able to provide! GTFOH! IsNT anything ABOUT OUR HISTORY & STRUGGLE SACRED THESE DAYS??? IF WE DONT PROTECT IT WHO WILL?? ALL N ALL JAYZ AINT SACRIFICED SH*T N THE NAME OF HELPING NOBODY so get off his dingaling!

  • Malakh EL

    That very notion of “over reacting” is exactly what has the majority of so called African American culture so discombobulated. Making excuses for the acceptance of disrespect is a damn cop out and the generations of children that have to feed off of that ignorant thinking will only damage society in diabolical ways. Anyone who has said or intends to say that F.H. Jr. is over reacting is a self loathing ignorant coward. If nothing else that man has a right to defend how his father is remembered, look at it like this, if someone raped your mother and then turned around and said she wanted it would you be over reacting then?????

    • mustafah el

      i agree wit malakh el we as black ppl ni have a generation of busta azz cowards

  • bless

    thats bull, the nigga saying fred is a real nigga respecting his sacrifice and struggle. A lot of people would not even know who fred hampton was , until listening and researching the song. Murder to Excellence. People died/murdered in the past for the african people future greatness. Check MLK Dream speech. We are the future he was refering to.

    • $yk

      you got it twisted fam…

      1. ain’t nobody researched The Chairman (did you know that was his nickname?)…stop acting like it was an Ace Of Spades drop…ain’t nann a rap site did an excerpt either (EVEN XXL), so dead that talk.

      2. he has a right to speak about his dad…my question is why are you so quick to defend Jay?

      3. If it was all about bigging him up…they were in the Chi 11/30 & 12/1…where was the love then? They went to Ye’s old hood…couldn’t make a detour?

      But if Fred Jr would have bought WTT tour tickets…got backstage and took a flick w/Jay…heads would have been like “who’s that”…”who his dad?”…others would have said “Jay stay winning”…

      tell me I’m lyin’…

  • Heron

    Too many brothers and sisters are gangsta, but not revolutionary. So they are eager to ride a rapper’s jock before they check their soul concerning their history and heritage. Fred Hampton is a towering figure in our recent history and his assassination is essential knowledge. I thank God there is a Fred Hampton Jr. and he is carrying the black revolution on his back. That’s a man there and he will have a throne in a higher place.

    • mustafah el

      our brother n sisters aint gangsta dey coward if dey was gangsta dey would buck against dis unjust matrix doctrine system

    • http://www.facebook.com/ Gracelynn

      It’s like you’re on a misosin to save me time and money!

  • Hube

    umm..well..jay didnt mean this disrespectfully at all, quite the opposite. that being said, jay isnt a good rapper, hes missing that special something

  • Knoxito

    Whether Jay meant no respect or not… First he implies that he is real…. Which is false… And 2ndly I could see how anyone would be disrespects when their fathers murder was referred to as just a death..

  • Jo-D

    I can’t believe some of the comments I am reading and I am talking about the ones that are disrespectful to the the Chairman and his father. Since when did our children need a rapper who is bought and paid for, to tell them about who Fred Hampton was. If it is going to be told, then it has to be the truth. another thing, how does anyone know what jay meant and what were his intentions for even saying that line..some peole accept anything…there are some people that need to wake up for real especially you star struck clowns

  • lenny

    FH, Jr. has a right to comment on his father’s memory and how it should not be trivialized. Slave z is a good name. To compare himself to Fred Hampton, in ANY way, is an insult to Brother Hampton, his family, and most importantly, the legacy of the BLACK power/Civil rights movement. What has jay z done for the advancement of black people? All that money and power that he and other rappers brag about is a FARCE. jay z, just like the slave, better not open his mouth about the business of master or the advancement of black people. He just like most of the rappers and blacks in the ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS better not say anything about the injustices done to the black people, (past, present, or future). jay z, like most of his professional peers, knows his place. Fred Hampton was assassinated for showing his people how to move forward by their own means and not being afraid of “master.” Slave z is a perfect name for the perpetrator.
    What has slave z done for the advancement of black people?

  • windympearson

    One must understand that J hasn’t live Fred Jr. life the Fatherless child who has to be told who and what his father was doing and why. Murdered in his bed he didn’t just die young people there is a difference. Fred Hampton didn’t get the opportunity to live out his life nor his cause or his purpose he was murdered. If your a gangster your not an activist there is a difference. Gangster aren’t helping anyone but themselves. Most of you that are commenting don’t know what 1969 was about an aren’t trying to find out, you don’t understand that there weren’t food pantry’s and yes there were villages in our neighborhoods. You have created your village of gangs that don’t respect each other look at the way you treat and kill each other look at the way you talk to each other. J thinks he can say what he wants to say with his words turn his words around what if it was his mother would she have been dead by just dieing or would she have been murder in her bed let’s take it further would he even be here.

  • Chulo the Don

    Man we need to stop the dumb shit,blk people are always looking for something to bitch about.Bitch about real shit not a jay-z song i took it as he was saying that fred hampton was a real nigga and he died and j was born on the same day{real niggas multiply } i bet you if white people heard that shit they would say j was racist…………so wtf cuz.

  • j good

    This is so sad when ppl dont no there history….Gettin set up to be murdered on purpose n dying r to different things. Jay Z isn”t do a DAMN thing to up lift our ppl n if u knew what Fred Hampton did 4 our ppl u wouldn’t show such DISRESPECT! Brain washed ass muthf*ckers need to learn ur f n History ASAP!!!!!!

  • Ty Barrett

    Brothers, I see overreaction all over this post but what is worse than that is the disrespect I’ve read coming from some of you who simply have a different perspective. As a man, I support every man’s right to an opinion and as a black man, I encourage every man to express that opinion but to do so, articulately and respectfully! No man owns the culture nor the revolution! Collectively, we all have paid for it so let us not support the condemnation of a brother (by another brother) based on our differences! Black on black crime defeats our cause!

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  • Nowie

    Thanks Jay now i know who Fred Hanpton is.
    6 milion ways to die…but the outcome is still death