Plies is the latest rapper in trouble with the law.

A jury has found the rapper, as well as his brother, Ronell Lavette, civilly liable for a shooting half a decade ago, in a lawsuit stemming from an incident at a Gainesville, Florida, performance in 2006 that resulted in five injuries.

Though the events occurred in 2006, it wasn’t until March of last year that the suit was filed against the rapper and then dismissed later that same year because Plies allegedly didn't fire a weapon. The suit was then brought again, this time seeking $10 million, as the plaintiffs claimed that the rapper fiscally benefitted from the incident.

The Florida bred rhymer recently took the stand and said he was not involved in the incident in which his brother and two other men allegedly fired shots in the air. His brother has already served time in prison for the incident.

Plies has now been order to pay $200,000. —Adam Fleischer