Lil Boosie Communicates With C-Murder in Angola Prison

Earlier this week it was reported that Lil Boosie pled guilty to drug charges and was sentenced to eight years in prison as a result. Now, reports have surfaced that the Baton Rouge MC is locked up alongside Louisiana rapper C-Murder in Angola State Penitentiary, and, according to M-11 of Tru Records, the two incarcerated emcees have been communicating with each other regularly while awaiting their appeals.

“He said, he told me they send messages to each other,” M-11 said during an interview. “He hasn’t seen him directly, but they send messages to each other.. so, they keep in touch.”

Lil Boosie, born Torrence Hatch, pled guilty to three counts of conspiring to bring drugs into a penal institution on Tuesday (November 29) during a pre-trial motion at district court. Investigators said he tried to smuggle drugs into Dixon Correctional Center once and into Angola State Penitentiary twice.

Boosie recently released a statement to TMZ stating he wants to focus on kicking his drug habit now that he’ll be serving time.

“Don’t worry about me I am getting help with my drug addiction and I am accepting full responsibility for the choice I made,” he wrote. ”I am going to fight the false murder charge till the end. Love you all.”—Ralph Bristout

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  • CRunkatlanta

    dope write up … Props to Futuristic Blogger…on the video …Boosie/ C Murder – keep ya head up

  • R

    How can everybody think C Murder was falsely convicted? The video shows him shooting up the club….SMH i mean if there was no video then i’d agree and say he was falsely convicted…C’mon son

    • TRU

      That is an old ass video. That so called “Club shooting” video that they were leaking all over the place has nothing to do with his current situation.

  • MsKemi

    C-Murder has been tortured with this mistrials. NO DNA, NO GUN, NO nothing!

  • MsKemi

    Only our US partner HH news 24-7 could get this kinda scoop everyone needs to know.

  • black jesus

    free c-murder!

  • @linqmrjersey

    for your information….he had a gun in a video shot the cclub up and didn’t hit nobody…he already got convicted of that crime and serving 10 years for that…..they used that video to crucify him in another trial…..and that evidence never should have gotten in cuz it was very prejudicial and got convicted on that alone…them louisiana boys don’t play fair down ther smh

  • 504soljah1

    M11 here go some advice HUSH u talkin bout shit u dont know about p and c blood u just a mf with a tru tee shirt

  • Andrea

    Facing life based on a he said she said, aint that a bitch. but hey Thats our twisted ass system for you. I TRU ly feel in my gut that you aint gonna have to ride this whole shit out. have faith brotha cuzz times are changing and Im not knowing the whole situation but im thinking its probably your haters that behind the whole buisness cause they haten on your talent. so Just chillax and Do as I do and let your HATER’S MOTIVATE YOU. cuzz MY HATERS MOTIVATE ME. Trust that !!!…


    free both my niggas c murder nigga doin life for summinhe aint even do boosie man we gonna misss his music and for those who didnt know what pac was to da west n what big was to brooklyn thats wat boosie was to the south

    • Jack Tripper

      what pac was to da west n what big was to brooklyn thats wat boosie was to the south
      Maybe he was to you younger cats. But to the cats that came up during my time that dude was Pimp C.

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  • AK499784

    To whoever aint been in the system, GUILTY till proven INNOCENT