Jackie Magazine Calls Rihanna a “N*%@aB*&%h” [Eye Candy Treat]

Popular Dutch publication, Jackie Magazine recently published an article calling Rihanna and other Black women like her, “N*ggaB*tch.” Causing the Netherlands Black community to go into an outrage – for obvious reasons. Eva Kroes, the magazine’s editor claims that the phrase was used as a term of endearment, but the word’s meaning is globally understood. There’s nothing endearing about it.

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  • Autumn

    that’s pretty fucked up

  • Bullness

    Bad Sitiuation for everyone, hates like a disease,it spreads fast. When everyone catches it, its hard to stop.

  • Marie

    Well when hip hop/rap artists use the word “nigga” and “bitch” so loosely in their speech and all of their music, outsiders looking in may actually believe that the phrase”niggabitch” is a form of endearment. I don’t think it’s appropriate for anyone to use either of those words which were created to oppress both blacks and women.

    • Timmmy

      If hip-hop people use it, that doesn’t mean it should always be repeated. I don’t repeat everything I hear, do you?

  • whatev

    shiiiet it wouldnt be so hard to believe if she thought this term was ok. she aint from america all she can gather is what she sees and hears on the radio. if she was listening to hip hop music because she thought that was rihanna genre i can most definitely understand where she would get that term from! nicki minaj and other rappers talkin bout bad bitch nigga this nigga that…hip hop/rap artists are like 99.999% black you cant listen to one rap song on the radio without the word nigga in it! these white people who never grew up around black pple think nigga is cool cuz when they buy lil waynes cd thats all they hear! and they think the shit it cooool. nigga aint no word to be used only for black people yall are some damn fools if u think that. its a derogatory word PERIOD. we aint turn it into no positive word. is it positive when someone screams fuck you nigga right before pullin the trigger!? or a woman calling a man a sorry ass nigga!? so what yall talkin about? get outraged when lil wayne and the rest of them refer to yall as bitches on every damn track he has.

    • Timmmy

      They ‘re Dutch, they know what the word means. They just want to be able to use the word freely because a lot of whites,not all, seem to have a problem with blacks being able to do something that they can’t. It messes with their psyche. I should know.