Celebrate Nicki Minaj’s 29th Birthday With Her 29 Sexiest Photos

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    Nicki Minaj turns 29 today. In honor of her birthday, <i>XXL</i> presents this gallery of Nicki Minaj's Hottest 29 Shots. <i>XXL</i> joins the legions of Barbz in saying, Happy Birthday, Nicki!
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  • massive

    i would love tear that ass up…..

  • massive

    i would f*** the shit out of nicki….

  • Will Morebucks

    When she ain’t wearin weird shit, Nicki’s the baddest chick in the game

  • Lil Kim

    only 3 comments? damn nicki, even when it’s pictures showing you ass you only manage to get 3 hound dogs to say stupid shit they jack off too like losers……I had niggas beatn der shlt every night, you my light weight. ah haaa

    • JazzY

      Sister be talking as if she is any better haaaHaa Give it up

  • Food4Thought

    It’s amazing what make-up can do for a female. Without makeup, she isn’t shit. Alicia Keys > Nicki Minaj

    • noLOLmatter

      very true. real fine beats fake any day of the week

  • A.C. Says 10%

    Nicki fine and i would eat that ass in a heart beat!!….for some reason though in pic #3 it looks like she wearing a pad!! LMFAO!!



  • http://facebook gabriella wade

    nicki is so hot i love her songs she is an inspiration

  • prym3

    i am gonna f k the ass of minaj

  • prym3

    will you lend me your breast NICKI MINAJ

  • 5

    I’m definately jacking off

  • Rudin Mulyantoro

    i want lick your genitals nicki