Many rappers took offense to Bay Area rapper and member of the White Girl Mob crew V-Nasty throwing around the N-word recently, but Gucci Mane is not one of them.

Fresh off his latest prison bid, the Atlanta rapper says V-Nasty’s controversial use of the N-word wasn’t going to stop him from working with her on their Baytl collaborative album.

“I can’t judge her for that with all the shit I been through,” Gucci told <i></i> of V-Nasty. “I’m the last person that could judge somebody. All I know is I enjoy working with her. It was fun working with her.”

Gucci did say that “she didn’t shout the N-word not one time when I’m there.”

Gucci adds that the unlikely pair started recording the album about three-and-a-half months ago.

“A mutual friend introduced us [and] I heard some of her material and liked it, so we decided to collab,” Gucci said. “A lot of people were surprised. A lot of people, when I told them, were interested in how it was going to sound like, asking me, ‘How’s it sound, man?’

"We got production from Zaytoven," he continued. "People can expect some real good music. I think people are going to be surprised. Baytl by Gucci Mane and V-Nasty album is definitely a classic album.”

Check out V-Nasty's interview with in which she continues to defend her use of the N-Word here. —Mark Lelinwalla