D12′s Bizarre Gets Tattoo of Nicki Minaj on His Arm

Well, that’s definitely bizarre.

Longtime D12 member Bizarre recently took his obsession with Nicki Minaj to another level: By tattooing the Young Money stunner on his left bicep.

“Check this out, Nicki,” says Bizarre in a video that recently hit the net, making sure to refer to Nicki as his wife and he as her husband. “I did this for you, and only you. Here goes the world exclusive, this is how much I love you. And I will eat your pussy, for life.”

In the video, Bizarre sits shirtless in a filled bathtub, donning a curly pink wig and sunglasses.

“Taking a nice little bubble bath, thinking about you,” Bizarre continues to tell Nicki in the video. “2012, that’s our year.” —Jakinder Singh

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  • http://t1anddrebone.blogspot.com T1theinfamous

    LMAO!! This may be the best thing I’ve seen in a while.

  • areldub

    he’s gonna do something to her…like kidnap or something…this obsession thing won’t end well

    • CaponeMOB

      well hopefully he does kidnap the bitch and gets rid of her,nobody would care,shes a terrible rapper. and OVERRATED bitch at that. i could just picture her STUPID retarded face she’s goin to make when bizarre ties her ass up and comes out with some fetish toys thats longer then his arms. yup,them SAME retarded faces she does in her videos…hahaahaha im keepin my fingers crossed that bizarre does some thing bizarre with this bitch in 2012.

  • Me

    LMAO ^^^

  • mr omega

    this dude has to be the biggest asshole of mankind. what a dickhead. why would you play yourself out like that. tatts are too personal for that matter. geez the world is so fucking simple minded and CaponeMOB i agreeeeeee