Consequence Makes Peace with Q-Tip

No love lost.

After reconciling with Kanye a few months ago, Consequence recently did the same with cousin and legendary A Tribe Called Quest frontman, Q-Tip. During an interview with RapRadar, Cons revealed the two finally reached an understanding after an intense discussion.

“After a very intense and extensive meeting, Q-Tip and myself have resolved our public and private issues,” he explained. “With so many manufactured “beefs” in hip-hop, this situation was very real and shows that there can be resolution through humility and dialogue.”

To prove the accord, the two emcees posed for a flick with Cons’ baby boy, Caiden.

This comes after Cons released his recent mixtape, Curb Certified .—Ralph Bristout

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  • Sha

    “Nowadays, it’s hard to be an emcee if you ain’t rappin’ right”….. Phonte spit the truth on that one.

    Consequence is finally understanding that mediocrity doesn’t carry the same benefits as a BOSS….

    I guess he finally realized that beefin’ with dudes who showed OBVIOUS LOVE to your under-developed talent is a huge NO-NO. Yeah, he made his peace with Kanye and with Q-Tip, but ask either of those cats if you’ll ever hear Consequence on any of their future releases….

    Let this be a lesson to your amateurs….. Have a new steady flow of income before you f*ck up your main flow. Sorry Consequence. You still lost one….. In this case, two……

  • Hey Genius

    @sha consequence has never been featured on a tip solo record, beef or no beef. If you think a man makes peace with his blood cousin just to get an album feature, you live a sheltered life and you were raised by fools.

  • Sha

    @Hey Genius….

    In trying to prove your point you only showed your supreme ignorance. Before Consequence is a “cousin”, he’s a man. Slick Rick shot his cousin, so what does THAT mean? Not a damn thing.

    The fact of the matter is that Consequence went all “50 Cent” on people and he was too stupid to see that these same people are the ONLY reason he has eaten what he has. On a scale of emcees, Consequence is only a few meters above the bottom. Average at best.

    And you can think what you want about Consequence, me, George Bush, the cost of sugar, etc…. But facts are facts. Consequence’s weak career was killed by Consequence’s even weaker ego. Real sh*t.

  • Dentist

    “Rudolf don’t run my Crib”