Common’s Dreamer Set to Sell 55-65K, Young Jeezy’s TM103 200-225K

Early predictions are in for both Common’s The Dreamer/The Believer and Young Jeezy’s Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition, and they are looking to be on track for fairly decent first week sales.

According to Hits Daily Double, Jeezy’s TM103 will sell an impressive 200-225K first week, based on one-day reports from retailers. His previous set, The Recession, debuted with nearly 260K upon its released in September 2008.

Chicago’s own Common is set to move between 55-65K with his The Dreamer/The Believer LP. His last album, 2008′s Universal Mind Control, debuted at 82K.

Both albums got an XL rating from XXL.

Just yesterday (December 20), Common revealed during an interview with Sirius’ Shade 45′s Sway Calloway that his latest single, “Sweet,” is directed at Drake.

“He opened his mouth and said some things,” Common said when asked about his beef with Drake.  “If that’s what he want. All that subliminal, we can do that too. But you might as well say that now.”

“I look at it as hip-hop,” he continued. “What I said in ‘Sweet’, obviously he felt like he was one of the people being addressed so he said what he had to say. I said we can keep it on a hip-hop level because I feel he’s a good artist, he’s a talented guy.”

Check back with next Wednesday (December 28) to get official numbers for both albums via the weekly chart story. —Gina Montana

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  • jimyyjam

    drake shouldnt have said shit, no ones gon go against common for this dude. on the other hand itslaughable common calling anyone soft man, the video for sweet is cringworthy actin all hard n shit plz, he cant pull off tough and niether can drake.

    • e

      Sweet goes hard.

      • jimyyjam

        its still a dumb ass song for common to sing. first off just cos someone sing and doesnt walk round actin hard all the time doesnt mean hes a bitch, common should know that better than anyone, he spent the latter half of the nineties and 200s being called too soft. now hes cummin out calling epople out for being soft. laughable.

        • JugularKill

          In no way shape or form did Common pretend to be gangster in “Sweet”. I speak the same way he does about pussy ass niggas, does that make me a gangsta wannabe?

          There’s a huge difference between
          Drake, Lil Wayne & Big Sean
          compared to:
          Common, Talib Kweli & mos def.

          There’s nothing soft about common, Kweli or Def it’s called “conscious music” just like there’s conscious reggae music.

          But Drake is a pussy just look at his feminine body, neckline etc he’s straight pussy. Crying for girls, talking about money, whining and trying to sing too much like it will make him a better rapper. His subject matters are lame and pathetic, “take care” wow really thought provoking.

          • THA TRUTH

            @ JugularKill..look at you describing drakes body,…what kind of MAN looks at another mans body and critiques it like straight BATTI BOY…you in the closet for real…bitch punk,…You would love to serve time in the pen cause you would be the sweetest thing in their and loving every minute of it…p.s..i havent forgotten when you we stressing about the 50 comments I made b4…bitch when I find you..ull c..

        • sho

          Common is an 4CH come to the Chi and talk shit….. appearances are deceiving

          • jimyyjam

            if appearences are deceiving why cant the same be said for drake huh. its not as if common doesnt spend time bitchin about chicks, tht was the main reason people used to call him a pussy. its simple, hip hop has double standards. drake gets hate just cos. its retarded common calling anyone a pussy end of.

    • trent

      bra u no were comin from, did u read his book u think u no him but u have no idea

  • land lord

    D@mn hip hop is truly dead. Com not even crackin 100K

    • JugularKill

      Common doesn’t make quick numbers. Quality music usually has average numbers that sustain over long periods of time.

      When Drake has died out in 10yrs Commons old shit will still outsell Drakes entire existence. Because Drake makes music for 2011 not for history.

  • Shawty J

    It’s a shame Com’s album did so little. I just got it this morning and I’ve listened to it four times. It’s a truly amazing album.

  • valdir rosario

    Yo sho you sure your not common? you getting really defensive. When is common going to get from the underground and make it to the main stream? I think he is a better actor.

  • valdir rosario

    I think i’m going to start rapping because I can sell 56k my first week… doubt