Canibus Apologizes to J. Cole After Dissing Him [Video]

Hours after releasing a diss track aimed at J. Cole, Canibus is apologizing.

“I seen thousands and thousands of comments about this J.Cole track and all of the negativity it’s stirring up,” said Canibus in a video apology that hit the net today (December 12). “After 48 hours of it, I feel confident enough to say that it’s unanimous; hip-hop has spoken up, loud and clear, it’s a Cole World right now and you’re a reigning champ J. [Cole]. I take full responsibility for my actions and I apologize for stepping over the line.

“It comes off as tacky and unsophisticated and it’s just not G,” he continued. “I love hip-hop too much to further justify my selfish behavior. I made this video in an effort to turn around and man up for my mistake.”

The apology comes after Cannibus released a track called, “J. Clone” aimed at Cole over the weekend. Apparently, Canibus took offense to a series of Cole interviews in which J. Cole was actually saying he was a big fan of Canibus. ‘Bus took the accolades as if Cole was insinuating Canibus didn’t matter to hip-hop anymore. But, he’s since had a change of heart.

“You said you were a fan of mine at one time, you bigged me up on many occasions, you don’t owe me nothing Cole,” Canibus rounded out the video saying. “I was out of line for what I did and I’m sorry for creating a fiasco at a time when hip-hop really needs someone like you to look up to. You got my support. I just hope the hip-hop community can get pass this quickly and go back to what satisfies them and makes them happy. I’m not a hater I just went too far and I hope hip-hop can forgive me for my foolishness. I’m going to go sit my old ass down somewhere now. Happy Holidays….It’s a Cole World, kid.” –Jakinder Singh

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  • hiphoplover

    Well at least he did man up and apologize. It takes a real dude to do that. As far as the diss song, i know canibus could’ve did better than that but at the same time i didn’t take the diss too serious. Cole is for the new generation and he has a lot of followers that look up to him. J Cole and Canibus beefing? Hip Hop does’t need that shit right now.

  • Big Shane

    “Bus took the accolades as if Cole was insinuating Canibus didn’t matter to hip-hop anymore”. The funny thing is he never did matter to hip-hop… Well except for when Eminem was dissin him.

    • matty21

      and O, u 4got that classic shit ‘the K.O. in the 2nd round’ “yo i’ma let da world know da truth” …it’s ok, we forgive u – just remember next time… if u gonna address it – address it from all angles – not just from Stan’s…. it’s all good u know now

    • Fifth

      There would be no j cole if it wasn’t for bis man, get the facts straight. Even j cole would tell you that, thats why he was givin him props in the first place

  • Nicks

    Rofl, as mentioned above. If you want a battle, how come you dodged Em for like 7 years? And then comes when he is fucked up on drugs and responds. Well played, scrub.

  • Crunkatlanta

    I really can’t believe this guy. everytime he come out he dissing somebody.

  • Me

    I’m not a fan of Canibus but I very much respect this.

  • cain

    What???? That Lame “Can-a-Bitch”
    is still around???
    I thought Eminem “off’ed his ass”
    hmmm……. After all these years He try’s to make a come back off of “J.Cole”????
    this shit proves Canibus is “A a BITCH”
    I’m SORRY……lol

  • Big crown

    Nigga look like MURPHY(robocop)


    Why does this n*gga look like Jim Carey when he turns into “The Mask”???…Either way, he stepped up and apologized, like a real man…Nuff respect due…

  • Professor Axe

    This marks the official end of Can-I-bus’s career. He violated Hip-Hop’s most sacred tenant and y’all are all fucked up for not calling it out. You never diss someone and apologize for it. He just told every single emcee in the world that he’s a pussy who doesn’t want to be challenged. Emceeing is a competitive sport and this dude has no game left in the tank.

    • escobar9300

      Yeah…its a shame we dont have rappers like 2pac around who never backed down on a beef no matter how heated it got…Oh wait, that is exactly why we dont have tupac anymore. We dont need unnecessary beefs in hip hop escalating to craziness. Canibus aint doing much anymore, but that takes a real man to apologize and back off after talking shit. This is what we need in hip hop, honesty and humility. Ego and unrelenting bravado is the reason why hip hop lost its two crown jewels in Pac and Big.

  • Realnigga

    the way he apologizing, makes it seem like somebody is forcing him to……death threat maybe???? LOL……this shit is kinda weird/sad……Cole World is cool, but Kendrick Lamar is that nigga

  • $yk

    “You pop s**t & apologize quick just ask ‘Kiss”-Nas


    Really though, I smell sarcasm

    and how did he dodge Em when he threw several diss songs out there…my how soon y’all forget…

  • justin brown

    aint this the same shit ll did to him …getting sensitive over the whole mic on the arm thing lmao


    So in other words. “Cole please don’t kill me over one of your beats.”

  • T-Mac

    LOL at Can-A-Bitch …

  • marketing and promotion

    didnt jay diss jada and apologise?
    didnt pac diss nas met him and sorted it out?
    didnt big daddy kane diss rakim and got called up by the GOD mc got told 8 bars and left it?
    people fuck up but hey considering how hip hops treated this dude I`m surprised he even apologised but good for him :-)

  • Mestizo

    lol first 23 seconds. he looks like a lunatic lolol. i expected him to start screaming or or some like that