Young Jeezy held a private intimate listening session for his long-awaited album, Thug Motivation 103: Hustlaz Ambition (due December 20), at New York’s infamous Quad Recording Studios last night (November 3), highlighted by “I Do,” which featured both Jay-Z and Andre 3000 on the M16-produced track.

The gorgeous song features a dream-like lineup as Jizzle teams up with Jay-Z and Andre 3000 for the momentous occasion, dedicated to potential leading ladies.

"I say, I see some ladies in here tonight I might marry/ Thrown off the Belve and ‘Trone, it’s too scary/ Baby, you can have whatever you like, the tooth fairy/ I do anything to leave here tonight with you, Sherry," Snow bellows on the hook. Portions of the track leaked over the summer, including the OutKast MC’s verse. However, the final version is now complete with Hov on board.

The TM103 event was held in a semi-confined, dark room on the tenth floor of Quad Studios and cell phones were confiscated to avoid any recording of of the material. As the clock struck just past 8PM, Jeezy — sporting all black — walked in to a round of cheers. Backed by familiar faces like Kevin Liles (who is working with Jeezy as management), Irv Gotti, and a slew of label reps, including the President of Island Def Jam Music Group, Steve Bartels, the man of the hour reminded those in attendance the long road to TM103 still has a way to go. "What we're about to hear are some tracks that are still subject to change before the LP's release on 12/20," he explained.

TM103's intro started off the night as the anthemic bass-rattling banger blasted through the massive subb woofers in the room. "Four albums in ni**a still talking real shit/Three classics in and that's on some real shit," Jeezy spit. Many will find the song familiar though, as it was featured on the recently released trailer for the album's release date, but this time the track, titled "Warning," includes the second verse.

"Trap" featuring Jill Scott,  proved to be introspective. The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League-produced cut find the songstress crooning as Jeezy churns out a dope boy salvo.

"This album is the soundtrack to my life," Jeezy told the attendees.

One of the highlights of the night came when a Ne-Yo-assisted number titled "Leave You Alone" came on.  Featuring surprise production duties by Warren G., the smooth record ignited loud reactions in the dimly lit room, as many on the Def Jam team chanted, "Jiz-zle, Jiz-zle!" It didn't stop there, however. It became a label bash when employees requested the song be repeated. High-ranking employees on down two-stepped to the uptempo track.

As the vibe in the room became more and more celebratory, Jeezy thanked everyone.  "Now let's grand finale this thing," he said as he introduced "I Do," which blasted through the speakers.

According to Def Jam, “Lose My Mind” “F.A.M.E.,” and “Ballin’” will make the album, but it’s unclear if  "Shake Life," among other material, will make the final track-listing. —Ralph Bristout