Young Jeezy Already Working on Follow-Up to TM103

Naysayers doubting Young Jeezy’s long-awaited TM103: Hustlerz Ambition album is really dropping any time soon will soon eat their words.

Young promises that the recently-announced due date of December 20 is “concrete,” and that the last planned release on September 20 was pushed back for reasons that were out of his hands.

“I ain’t the one for excuses,” he says. “I’m just really focused on December 20. It was something I had no control over. I respect that and kept it moving. But December 20 was always the date I wanted. Since January of last year.”

Jeezy admits that he also tossed around the idea of releasing the highly-anticipated set on January 3, 2012 (01/03)  before settling on December 20.

“I thought about it. 01/03, that would have been dope by the way,” he adds. “But when you sitting home with your family during the holidays, you want that music.”

And although TM103 has faced many delays, Jeezy promises to keep delivering music on a steady pace moving forward, saying he has already started working on a follow-up album.

“I’m working now man,’ he says. “I guarantee it won’t be no wait like that no more. I’m in tip top shape. I’m feeling good. I’m just gonna go in.”

TM103 features guest spots from Ne-Yo, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Jay-z and Andre 3000—Shaheem Reid

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