Wyclef’s organization Yele Haiti is still being accused of financial mismanagement with relief funds for the 2009 earthquake that hit Clef's hometown and the former Fugees frontman is sick and tired of it.

After Sunday’s New York Post article claimed that only $5.1 of the $16 million raised by the organization went towards Haiti, Wyclef fired back with a passionate letter to Allhiphop.com.

“I started Yele in 2005 because I wanted to help people that were helpless in my home country of Haiti,” ’Clef opened the letter with. “People who didn’t have a voice, people who didn’t have resources, people who had mostly been forgotten.

“Since Yele launched six years ago we have helped close to half a million people,” he continued. “I will always love and serve the Haitian people until the day I die. The NY Post piece entitled, “Questions Dog Wyclef’s Haiti Fund” is misleading, deceptive and incomplete. The Post conveniently fails to acknowledge that the decisions that Yele made were a response to one of the world’s most catastrophic natural disasters in modern history and required an immediate humanitarian response.”

He ended the letter, commenting.

“The new and good news is that Yele under new leadership, despite efforts to undermine its credibility and effectiveness, continues its mission to serve people in need.” –Jakinder Singh