Trina Isn’t Offended by White Rappers Using the N-Word

Trina isn’t offended by White rappers using the N-Word.

In fact, during an interview with BET, Trina said Kreayshawn and V-Nasty’s use of the N-Word doesn’t concern her much.

“It’s a matter of respect,” The Baddest Bitch said. “If you’re not being disrespectful, if you’re not doing it in a racist way… I’m not really the person that cares too much about all that.”

Trina, who was once highly-criticized for her public use of the word “bitch,” says she does not “see what the big deal about it is.”

Still, former Three Six Mafia member Gangsta Boo feels differently. “Just because you see black people do it or other rappers do it, I don’t think you should feel like you get a green pass,” voiced Gangsta Boo on Sway in the Morning recently.

For Trina, there are much more important things to put her focus on.

“It’s so much more serious stuff going on in life,” she said. “Let’s worry about voting for Barack Obama for president again. I don’t think the N-word is such a big deal. We’ve been saying it for years, decades. It is what it is. We didn’t create it. We didn’t start it, and we’re not going to be the last to say it. It’s going to continue on and on and on so we just need to focus on what’s important.”—Christopher Minaya

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  • http://brianmorgan brian

    i love trina.

  • HU

    If Trina says it’s ok then it must be.

  • Eat it Nigguz!!!

    I am white and I agree with the baddest ho.. ohh sorry I meant bitch!!!!

    • aaron

      of course you would agree!..smh!

    • joe p

      i agree , i’m white also. i say “nigga” all the time, around black and white ppl. i think where ppl get it twisted is the word “nigger*” very big difference

  • ilikeass

    so cuz trina says its ok then it is? she do got a nice ass so i guess she rite.

  • aaron

    this is why we need to teach black hitory…we as black people do not even know the power that word has over our people…Trina I hope you do not have any kids!…….She is just a some crazy chick!

  • joe p

    fuck obama … go ron paul. this just proves black people only voted for him cause he’s black … smh

  • reality_check

    Call a black person the n-word, they should respond by calling you a bitch. After all, if it is said in a nice way, it should be ok right? Wait, no, we have to change the spelling too, biitch. There, now it is ok. What’s up, bitch?!