Trae Tha Truth reps for Texas, but the oversized rapper has no issues joining forces with his Florida peeps.

The Houston mic bully recently completed a track for Ross’ upcoming God Forgives, I Don’t.

“I left right before he got sick... I was in Miami,” Trae said on Monday (October 31) in Houston. “The homie is goo,d though. It’s just the same thing I gotta understand, sometimes we work, we work and work. We might catch a hour sleep here, a couple hours sleep there. We never get our proper rest. I never used to understand when people say, ‘you have wear and tear on your body,’ but now I understand sometimes we gotta take a break. That can be overwhelming at times.  The homie is in good health. He has a lot of big things in the making. He’s getting money even when he’s resting.”

Trae said that not only is he set to appear on Rozay's upcoming set, he and the bawse actually swapped verses for each other's forthcoming albums.

“The homie played a couple [tracks] for me, ‘ok, if this is the one you want, go in there,’” Trae recounts. “ I was in there, he was in another room working on something for me. I went in and knocked it out.  He knocked part out for me and he was also doing features for some real, real big people that were sending records. I don’t wanna spoil anything, but he has some stuff coming.”

Ross’ God Forgives, I Don’t is on track for a December 13 release. Meanwhile, Trae has his Street Kings albums out now and a new project slated for next year.  Tha Truth also says he’s been working with most of Ross’ Maybach Music family including Meek Mill, Wale, Pill and Gun Play.—Shaheem Reid (@shaheemreid)