The Top 15 Chicks Up For Grabs

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    After 72 days of marriage, Kim Kardashian is single and back on the market. Here, <i>XXL</i> lists 14 more hot and single chicks that are up for grabs. Emphasis on grabs.
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    Keshia Knight Pulliam - Come on, son. It's Rudy, we're talking about. Of course she's a catch.
  • Grabs14
    Rosa Acosta - Emphasis on up for <b>GRABS</b>.
  • Grabs13
    Christina Milian - Damn, messed up.
  • Grabs11
    Trina - Any dude in the world would love a Diamond Princess, right?
  • Grabs10
    Nicki Minaj - Y'all peep Nicki's appearance in Big Sean's "Dance [Ass remix]?" Enough said.
  • Grabs9
    Kelly Rowland - She'd make a great wifey.
  • grabs7
    Meagan Good - Still Meagan 'Mmm...mmm' Good
  • grabs6
    Sofia Vergara - Didn't we say this list was the Top 15 Chicks Up For Grabs? There's plenty to grab here.
  • grabs5
    Scarlett Johansson - See the last caption about Sofia Vergara.
  • grabs4
    Rihanna - Fun, flirty and oh so sexy and single until we see a ring.
  • grabs3
    Jennifer Lopez - Kim K's divorce may have overshadowed a newly-single J. Lo.
  • grabs2
    Taraji P. Henson - Look at that smile.
  • grabs1
    Halle Berry - Arguably the greatest of all time?
  • Grabs16
    Sheneka Adams - <i>XXL's</i> very own sex advice columnist.

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  • Decatur GA BOI

    XXL is bored to DEF!!!!!! SHOOK!

  • lllllll

    nicki minaj aint single. that guy shes always with is her boyfriend .

  • Sean izzle

    Cosign Decatur GA BOI

    Yall bored as hell over there! isnt it time for another Eye Candy article when its actually time for one? Its like doing reviews of the same albums again cause there are no new albums being put out at the moment XD


    Scarlett Johannson isnt single dumb asses.Those naked picks she took that surfaces recently were for her boyfriend.