Somaya Reece Bosses Up

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We all saw Maurice in the first season As of today, is Maurice your manager?

No, I was never signed to him or his company. He was kind of freelance working with me. I been fired him. I just think that he wasn’t looking out for my best interests and season one was a really big eye opener for me. I don’t want anyone I work with to be yelling at women. That’s something I stand against. It’s embarrassing with Jim Jones and that whole situation. I don’t want to be associated with him in that way. I can’t roll with that.

The first season also touched on a love interest. Will this season do the same?

I can say that there is love on the horizon, unexpected. I didn’t know. It kind of just threw me off guard and caught me by surprise. I was like, ‘What? You like me? Ok.’ Love has always been a weird thing for me. I was off and on with the guy you met last season, but this time around it’s a guy who approached me and I don’t know…we’ll see what happens. The person is in the industry and definitely a well-known individual, which is why I’m surprised. I didn’t see it coming. The person is a very nice person and good guy. That’s all that matters.

Talk to us about your Tequilla.

La Jefa Tequilla is a drink of choice for the bosses. La Jefa is the female boss. It’s called La Jefa Tequilla by Somaya Reece. It’s a big competitor to the top-shelf tequilas. Forbes has already written up the company. It’s a silver tequila, it’s triple-filtered and manufactured out of Mexico. I’m also working on a cookbook for it. Coming from living in a little shithole to being written up on Forbes is good. It has a good aroma to it and is not sour to the taste. I’m the first Salvadorian female celebrity owner of their own tequila. I’m all about my business!

  • hyde

    How is her Tequilla business a multi million dollar business when it hasnt even hit the stores yet…GTFOH and besides that her “investors” money..not hers…with her thick ass

  • mike4282

    don’t front, u know you wanna lick/hit that thick ass. Who wouldn’t ?

    • Rob1347

      You damn right bro lol

  • Ant Ant

    This picture must be old becasue she look fat on the show now! & that trick know she don’t own no multi-million $ company GTFOH