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Photography courtesy of TG Photos and True Shine

REPS: Medford, OR

STATS: 34D-27-39

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “[I] modeled for Nike, [and] made the second round of America’s Next Top Model.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “Wale. All of his lyrics are things people can relate to in real life; it’s beautiful poetry.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “‘We Found Love’ by Rihanna. It’s so crazy how she expresses a three-minute song about a relationship between two people that just went terribly wrong.”

DREAM MODELING JOB: “I would love to be lead in [a] Chris brown [video]. He is bomb.com, and we would look just so good together. I have a different look from all the other music video girls; I would make his video just pop!”

SEX APPEAL: “What makes me sexy is my eyes and my stomach. It’s flat and my eyes are just super seductive. I can get a lot of things my way just by looking at someone a certain way. My favorite body part would have to be my lips. They’re always on point. Pink, luscious lips, where could you go wrong?”

TURN-ON: “My fantasy would have to be on the beach. A tall, dark, handsome man; and not much more I can tell or it would ruin the quality of being a fantasy. What turns me on about a guy is his humor. If he's funny, I will give him a chance. I love funny guys because there’s never an awkward silence, and he knows how to make me smile.”

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