Sex Degrees of Separation

Rappers spit…and then there are times they [inadvertently] swap spit. Through the history of hip-hop, MCs have dated, banged and sometimes even wifed up the same chicks. Look how many different rappers shared Superhead or Kat Stacks. Erykah Badu bedded at least four super lyrical MCs in Andre 3000, Common, Jay Electronica and The D.O.C. Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa have a couple degrees of separation via Amber Rose and who could forget Jay-Z infamously creeping with Nas’ baby’s mother Carmen Bryan? All that being said, XXL took the time to connect the dots between rappers and all the rumored and confirmed women they’ve shared through the years with Sex Degrees of Separation. Safe sex is the best sex!

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  • lol you only put Mariah on the map, so Eminem was there.. & how the fuck can Lil Wayne get so much p*ssy! He’s so ugly lol

  • \J.R.

    let me sum up this article, jay-z gets pussy

  • BS

    C’mon son, Beyonce & Mos Def??? U guys missin Diamond, Lil scarppy, (Game & Mya), (Diddy & Cassie), (Lil Kim & Biggie), (Lil Kim & Scott Storch), (Ray J & Lil Kim), (Kool G Rap & Superhead), This aint complet NOR accurate. XXL u guys are starting to suck..some will say u been suck!!

  • Steve

    Is that Beyonce in between Foxy Brown and Mya

  • Tiffany

    Another wack post. It was ok until it wasnt. HOw can this be “sex degrees of seperation” when everything doesnt connect. Cam, Mariah, Nick and Em are’nt connected to the chain. That makes no sense.