Rick Ross Makes First Public Appearance Since Seizures, Thanks 50 Cent [VIDEO]

After weeks of being out of the public eye following a health scare, Rick Ross has made his return to the limelight by way of television.

The Maybach Music Group general hadn’t made a public appearance since he suffered back-to-back seizures a couple of weeks ago, forcing him to cancel a handful of scheduled performances. But today (November 1), Ross made a stop at BET’s 106 & Park to show his support for Wale, one of his MMG artists.

Speaking on his health for the first time, Ross explained that his seizures were caused by exhaustion and that he was placed on bed rest after waking up in a hospital. He also said he plans on taking more naps in between work sessions moving forward and that he’s spent a lot of time with his family and friends the last few weeks.

Ross was able to be productive during his time off, though, stating that he recorded a new track with Jay-Z while recovering. He also addressed nemesis 50 Cent, who hours after Ross suffered the seizures said that he hoped he would take care of himself. ”If it was genuine, I appreciate it,” he said. “And if that’s the case, I thank you, homie.”

And, while Rozay recuperated, his MMG family gladly held him down, including Meek Mill reppin’ for him during Philadelphia’s Power 99′s Powerhouse concert last weekend.

Last month, Rick Ross suffered two seizures while aboard two separate flights headed to Memphis, Tennessee, where he was booked for a show. With the exception of a couple of tweets and a twitpic that circulated on the net a few days later, Ross has been virtually unseen since until now.

Tune in to BET at 6 P.M. tonight to catch the full interview. Also, be sure to pick up Wale’s album, Wale’s Ambition, which hits stores today.—Steven Jones

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  • jrash87

    whats this? actual maturity in hiphop? well ill be..

    • JugularKill

      I was thinking the same thing….

      Also to add I’m now a fan of 50 Cent , he has been winning me over recently, handled every recent situation right from Street King, to Ray-J to Rick Ross etc.

      Lyrically he has evolved too. If he plays it right he can get back on top.

      And Rick Ross is a guy who never expresses himself, this is good form him to humble himself to the situation I was expecting him to play it off like it’s no a big deal but he maned up to the seriousness of it.

      Good shit!

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/news/2011/11/rick-ross-makes-first-public-appearance-since-suffering-two-seizures/ XXL News Comment

    No. This is humans being humans. You just ar stereotyping hip-hop rappers as “Reckless people with no class”. Let me school you real quick. We all are human. Ok? I rest my case.

    • jrash87

      so you think im just stereotyping hiphop artsit? now if youre actually an xxl staff member as you so claim, you my friend is the one who should be guilty of this not me. You guys do nothing, and i mean nothing, but to promote “beefing” and “he said she said ” blah blah blah,all the time! I was actaully applauding the fact that these two bozos can actaully stop being immature when somthing serious arises, and have harmony. Its sad that Rick Rosses health had to be the cause of it all.. But dont dont you ever think, damn cant they just grow up and all get along? Gangster or no gangster music is music, damn i miss the good old days..

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/news/2011/11/rick-ross-makes-first-public-appearance-since-suffering-two-seizures/ XXL News Comment


  • wow

    the most dramatic bitch ever…pac said it dont catch a seizures

  • King Richard Aka Da God Of Rap

    glad he aite,i wish death no1 & please listen 2 a super lyrical memphis mc wen u get a chance & dnt complain about hip hop being dead if u ain’t gon support da new rappers dats actually good….http://www.youtube.com/user/Darealkingrichard?feature=mhee

  • King Richard Aka Da God Of Rap

    & please listen 2 a super lyrical memphis mc wen u get a chance & dnt complain about hip hop being dead if u ain’t gon support da new rappers dats actually good….http://www.youtube.com/user/Darealkingrichard?feature=mhee

  • carolcity

    William Leonard Roberts II born January 28 1976 better known by his stage name Rick Ross is a manufactured gangsta rapper
    He graduated high school went to college and spent a year at the historically black college Albany State University in Albany Georgia studying criminal justice
    Then trained and passed as a CO William worked as a CO for 18 months
    Had a clean record untill January 2008
    Ross agreed to perform a wide range of correctional officer duties including shoot an inmate attempting to escape
    These online hackers putting a picture of my face when I was a teenager in high school on other peoples body I’m in the entertainment business
    I grew up in Carol City I went to the same Miami Carol City Senior High School as Rick Ross and Flo-Rida
    The perception which Ross has put forth is that Carol City is the hood full of projects liquor stores gangs Carol City has one little section of low income housing the Matchbox Projects But I say Carol City is not the hood

  • queen sweetness

    just glad that hip hop getting really grown an sexy

  • Jrock

    Rick Ross and 50 cent actually are fans of each other, but 50 thought he could kill Rozay’s career, but with a lot of hard work, 50 realize that Ross makes good music ~

  • Willsboo

    Keep more articles coming from Steven Jones.