Olivia: “It’s Very Dramatic This Season!”

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Right at the top of the conversation, you mentioned that this season is going to be very dramatic. What else – beside that explosive fight – can viewers expect?

Just seeing how all of us interact together with each other and bringing on the new girls, it brings a different type of drama because again, Chrissy gets into something else with the other new girl, which is Yandy, who is Jim’s manager. Yandy is also connected with me. She was at my management company that I was at before, so I’ve actually known Yandy seven, eight years. So, it’s a lot of tension going on with everybody. Somehow I get caught in the middle because I’m friends with Chrissy and Yandy, so it’s a lot, a lot to see and very much real.

Recently, there was a rumor that Yandy had set up Jones where goons chased him out of Harlem. You’re close to both. What did you make of that rumor?

That’s definitely nonsense. Yandy would never do that to him, no matter what kind of beef they have because they get into fights all the time. Yandy loves him to death. That’s like her brother and she would never want to see any harm come to him. When those rumors hit, she called me and she was so hurt that people would believe that. It’s a shame that people come to those conclusions. It’s definitely false.

Does your relationship with Somaya take a turn for the better on season two?

She apologized for how she was last season. I still feel a way because I feel like all of her stuff was unwarranted because 1) She didn’t know me and 2) I didn’t know her. It’s very dramatic this season!

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