XXLMag.com: We saw the season two premiere. What can we expect from this season overall?

Olivia: It’s very dramatic this season! I will say that, to say the least. I think that’s what happens when you bring a new girl in the situation and she drops a bombshell on everybody, so people are kind of uneasy the whole season [Laughs]. It’s a lot going on!

Obviously, you’re referring to Kimbella and her confession to Emily that she dated her man Fab, which set off the whole Chrissy attack on Kimbella. What’s your take on it?

It came out of left field, but me just knowing Chrissy and how she is, I knew she was going to be a firecracker. There was some stuff that transpired before that also and that was the last straw. Emily was taking it as well as she could. I guess she was over the whole Fab situation and it was more fuel to her to let her know that she did the right thing by moving on. But it didn’t sit well with everyone else.

What’s the latest with your music career?

Everything is on the up and up with the music. We’re moving forward. I had much success with “December.” I can’t really tell you about the label situation yet, but I’m good. I’m in good spirits.

You looked in good spirits recently, when a picture of you and Maino hit the net.

[Laughs]. I will say that that’s an old picture and Maino and I did date off and on, but that’s in the past for me. I have a boyfriend right now, so I’m very happy. That picture [with Maino] was right until the top of the year.