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Photography courtesy of EliteXL and Alex Tirado

REPS: San Antonio, TX

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “I have done a couple of shoots, features, video for a local artist, [and] low rider show when I first started.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “Lil Wayne. His music really speaks. It talks about real life situations, but his music can [also] get you in a [un]stoppable mood. I also like to listen to the beats in his music ’cause they really put you in a zone, which will make you understand the point he is trying to get across. He puts you in the story and makes you feel what he's talking about.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “'Far Away’ by Tyga ft. Chris Richardson. The song is deep, and the video is a heartfelt story – an eye opener to real life. [It’s] a vision to cherish, and be grateful for the good that you have before it decides to slip out of your hands forever.”

SEX APPEAL: “My different look [is] not a typical girl next door. It’s very superficial and exotic. I can do the innocent and [the] bad. My favorite body parts [are] my legs. They are smooth, nice, thick and juicy!”

TURN-ON: “Fantasies are so overrated. I just go with the flow, and in all reality men don't turn me on as much as women do. My turn-ons are eyes, lips, smile, soft skin, sweet smell, soft kisses, soft touch and slow grindin’. Need I say more?”

SOCIAL MEDIA: @nalibella or nalibella.com

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