Machine Gun Kelly’s dreams have come true.

The raging Bad Boy rapper finally got to cut a record with his hip-hop idol, DMX, during a recording sessions that went down in Saltmine Studios in Phoenix, Arizona, on Friday (November 4) night. According to longtime X producer Dame Grease, the duet should appear on MGK’s debut solo album.

“It’s dark… it has a choir, real dark, the beat is banging,” Grease told XXL about the as-yet-untitled track that he produced. “It sounds like [DMX’s] 2012 ‘Niggaz Done Started Something.’ He went in. I don’t know what it was…I think he got a good vibe from Kelly and wanted to give him something real classic.”

The day after the studio session, Kelly took to his Twitter to convey his excitement about working with X. “I will never take for granted how blessed I was to not only meet my fuckin idol, but also witness THE realest mufucka to ever breathe,” MGK tweeted. “My amount of tiredness could never outweigh the excitedness I still have from last night. Dreams come true muthafucka! Lace up!”

The rest of the weekend was pretty eventful for MGK as well, as Drake tapped the rapper to make a guest appearance in his hometown of Cleveland on Sunday during Drake's tour stop there. —Mark Lelinwalla