Lil Wayne loves his fans, but not when they invade his personal space.

A couple of fans found that out recently, when they slowly drove by Weezy's Miami property only to get a rude awakening from the rap superstar himself.

“Weezy…Can we get a quick picture bro?” the fan hollered at Wayne, who was standing outside his home.

“Yo, do me a favor, get the fuck out this neighborhood or get your head knocked the fuck off, do that… get the fuck out this neighborhood homie,” Weezy responded.

The fans weren't done pestering Wayne yet, however.

"Just sightseeing though," they said in Weezy's direction.

"Get the fuck out of this neighborhood, homie!" Wayne warned again, before the fans laughed and rushed off the property.

A video of the fans' run-in with Lil Wayne can be found below. –Jakinder Singh