The Internet has been buzzing non-stop ever since the release of VH1's Love & Hip Hop 2 super trailer. The sneak peak shows an explosive fight between Jim Jones' longtime girlfriend Chrissy and Juelz Santana's girlfriend, Kimbella. Well, XXL Eye Candy went to the source and got Kimbella on the phone to dish on the fight, if it caused friction between Dipset members Jim Jones and Juelz Santana, dating Fabolous and how she and Chrissy have actually squashed their beef since the taping of the show. Check back every day this week for another profile on a Love & Hip Hop 2 cast member. Today, though, is all about blonde bombshell Kimbella. A!

XXLMag.com: Everyone is talking about this fight between you and Chrissy. What can you tell us about that fight?

Kimbella: I can’t really talk too much about it because we want everybody to tune into the show, November 14 on VH1. It was a super trailer and a lot of the editing was over-exaggerated, but I would say just tune in so you can see the real story of what happened.

It had to be edited, but we did see Chrissy beating you up. Being that both of your men are a part of the Diplomats together, does that create friction in the group?

I was obviously attacked. I just want everyone to see the story behind it when they tune in on the 14th of November and really just see what happened and how it happened and maybe try to understand why it happened. That’s all I can say about that. To this day, I can’t understand it and that’s just me being real. It will never be something that I will ever understand. That was three to four months ago, so we’ve gotten through that and past that. On my behalf, it didn’t cause friction between my man and Jim because I did not involve my man in that situation. I always feel like woman to woman should handle it with each other. They shouldn’t have to include their significant other if it’s a woman situation, so I didn’t involve Juelz. But of course he became involved because I told him what happened. I told him, ‘Listen, I will handle this myself. I don’t want you to get all shook up and wanting to do whatever.’ He knows I’m going to handle it as a woman just like I let him handle things as a man. That’s what we agreed to do.

From the trailer it appeared as if you telling Emily that you dated her man Fabolous sparked the fight between Chrissy and yourself. Is that accurate?

Well, yeah. It was all in the midst of me telling Emily that I dated Fab three years ago. From that point on, an altercation happened between me and Chrissy.

But you said you’ve patched up that situation since the taping?

Yeah, well. I’m always going to feel the way I feel about that situation and nothing is ever going to be the same between me and Chrissy. Anyone that’s in a situation like that is always going to have some type of feeling of being attacked by someone you need to be around. But again, we have a respect for each other at this point in time that she knows she could never handle me like that ever again. That’s just where that ends.