Kandi Releases New Line of Sex Toys [Eye Candy Treat]

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Kandi recently opened up to Essence about her Bedroom Kandi by OhMiBod sex toys line. The top women’s magazine asked the Atlanta Housewife what women should do if their partner is not into toys in the bedroom. She had this to say…

Honestly I would tell them maybe they should use the toy for him, or in front of him first. Turn him on by using it in front of him and letting him see it. Maybe he’ll laugh and get into it. I definitely would say if you have a man that is intimidated by toys, do not pull out a big huge vibrator in front of him. He’s automatically going to compare himself to it in size. Get something small. It needs to be something he can feel comfortable with and use and enjoy. No man wants another penis in the bedroom.

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  • vivian mcintosh

    please email some information on your store and where its at an allso on your sex toys i want to buy some of your products thatnks vivian an please an please watch thoses on that show they are all back stabbers exspecally kim shera phadra seem cool an nene you got to real get to know i like her becasue she is honset but womwne can be back stabbers

  • http://midnightvibrates.com Tiffany

    Very nice! I love the Kandi Kisses.

  • Beth Carter

    I’m in New York and need to know where are your products available here and also what is needed to become a distributor in this area. Pleasure Parties are a big hit here!

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    i can not reach a organ so l hope your toys will help me

  • Marisol Delgado

    Hi Kandi…Can wait to try your products..Please Email me your Sex toys so could start buying on line..If not, I will send my address so you can send me your magazine on sex toys…Please i will be waiting…..

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    Can you please email me your link?

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  • Lynn Breaux

    I need the website for all of Kandi’s sex toys

  • Walter

    How can I became a distributor in Charlotte NC

  • Rebecca lowry

    please send me the link , so i can make a huge purchase please please send me the link or some way to place an order.

    Thank you

  • shemeika james

    can you please tell me the website were i can buy some eye candy toys

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