Former Bad Boy Rapper Loon Gets Arrested On Drug Charges

Former Bad Boy Loon is apparently still a “bad boy” at heart.

The rapper, born Chauncey Hawkins, but who is now known as Amir Junaid Muhadith after his conversion to Islam, was arrested in Belgium last week and will be extradited to the United States to face drug charges.

A copy of the indictment surfaced on blog site on Friday (November 25). The document says that between early 2006 and September 2008, Loon “knowingly and intentionally” possessed with intent to distribute at least one kilogram of heroin in North Carolina. He  was reportedly arrested and indicted for felony heroin distribution in N.C. back in May, but found asylum in Algeria after being released from jail.

Loon began his career as a rapper in Ma$e’s Harlem World group, who released their debut album, The Movement, in 1999. In 2002, the Harlem MC appeared on Diddy’s “I Need a Girl (Part One)” single and then again on its remix “I Need a Girl (Part Two).” In 2003 Loon would go on to released his solo self-titled debut but soon after his music career began going downhill.

In 2004, Loon was arrested and charged with attempted murder after a security guard was stabbed during a fight in a Los Angeles club. The Diddy protege was never convicted of the crime.—Gina Montana

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    what happend to ALLAH Loon?? you a fake a phony a stan,,tai bo ho…lol…just playin..u r a phony though..peace

    • Amina As Salafiyyah

      Tha Truth how is he a phony??? Did you read the article? It clearly said that this happened between 2006-2008. This is a crime he committed BEFORE Islam (if he did in fact commit the crime and Allah knows best). Who are you to call anyone fake? Get your facts straight.

  • slim

    @ author and first poster, Now how the hell are u gon make headway here? He did this in 08 if at all he did anyway. Way before he became muslim. Common son,grow up.


    come on bro..dont be so naive..he aint no real muslim…he a fake..attention seeking loser….saw that he was never gonna attention in his he saw islam as a great way to become the MAN he always wanted to be..

    • LearnAboutIslam

      “Tha Truth” You are right he wanted and loves Attention, the Attention of Allah..

  • aq92

    why is this news if it happened between 06- 08? Just to make the dude look bad?

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  • sean

    It just seem like a campaign of calumny against LOON to me. Yes he turn to Islam, yes government and power players probably never like that, but to put a noose of drug trafficking on his neck? when its plainly obvious to any sane person that he won’t do that. Its terrible.

  • RTL

    he´s obviously tryin to be a better person. If Islam really helps him to reach that goal, i would be happy for him.
    So why you bitches haitin on a nigga?

  • Kat

    I think its sad that something so old would be an issue now. the time to take care of this situation was 2008. Ive seen Amir since his transition on many Arabic news stations, and any man who would learn the language and teachings doesnt seem like a phony to me, that seems like a man who’s found a purpose

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  • Big Ahuk

    ever thing that happen is the decree of Allah!

  • Big Ahuk

    EVER THING that happens is from the decree of ALLAH!!!

  • Raheme

    anyone know how to contact chauncey or his cousin tiffany
    from 145th st. in harlem New York. I’m a childhood friend.
    let me know

  • killuminati

    are you blind folks????
    the illuminati is behind all this.

  • Abufalmata

    Amir Junaid Muhadith is sincerely a true muslim, you guys can say what ever.

  • Mustee

    Amir is a changed person now. In evry good deed… there will alwayz be chalangin may Allah be with u brother.