Erick Sermon Suffers Heart Attack, Says DJ Scratch

The world of hip-hop is not done mourning the unexpected death of Heavy D as news of another legendary rapper suffering a serious health scare has surfaced.

DJ Scratch tweeted yesterday (November 12) that Erick Sermon suffered a heart attack, but is now stable. “Erick Sermon had a heart attack today,” he wrote. “He’s ok, but still send your prayers. He is not on Twitter.”

Details on Sermon’s condition are still scarce, but MTV has reached out to Erick Sermon’s camp, who told them he is listed in stable condition and remains in the coronary care unit.—Gina Montana

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  • mutada mullah atari

    Why I stopped with the weed and blunts and bullish eating years ago, like I’ve said a million times we are going to see some of our fav rappers dying off like flies because of the shitty culture of drugs and poor eating promoted within the community. God bless Eric he is a legend

    • Capone MoB

      you dint have to stop smoking weed in order to live longer. after countless studies and documantaries about weed i dont know why the fuck people still think weed is a BAD drug. especially in the hip-hiop community. just cuz weed is ILLEGAL it doesnt mean that weed is bad for you. its a fuckin HERB. its in the goverments interest to keep weed ILLEGAL,to make money outta niggaz that get put in prison for weed. look at micheal jackson,the nigga died from LEGAL fukin DRUGS. what that tells you? if anything rappers are gonna die from all the fukin junk food they fukin eat and alcohol they drink every day. niggaz gotta eat healthier and exercise DAILY. if you smoke weed is cool as long as you dont abuse it.
      anything you abuse aint good. including food.

      • Decatur GA BOI

        Dude, your lungs were not designed to ingest smoke…Are you kidding me?

        • Capone MoB

          our bodies werent desinged to take alot of shit we ingest,like synthetic drugs,alcohol,greasy food,even fukin TOOTHPASTE. soda pop,..ect so whats your point? like i said everything in moderation dont abuse shit. once you getting up there in age like late 30′s then consider not smoking weed. plus you dont know all the nasty shit the FOOD you eat gets processed with. nobody is goin to gurantee ima live long any way. so you gotta enjoy your self as much as possible.

  • francis nasim

    diddy um-we here!yeah!rozay-these niggas speculate on my watch line-we hell-icop the-chopper its a hell of a view-whoooo!”blue ghost”

  • Om Sag

    get well soon my man = Thank God you are still here.