Over the weekend, it was reported that Erick Sermon suffered a heart attack. Though details were murky at the time, some of what happened began to surface this morning, when the rapper called in to Sway In The Morning on Shade 45.

According to Sermon, he first felt cause for concern on Thursday morning, when he was in the studio making a song. "I went upstairs, I sat on the sofa, and I had got two sharp pains on my left side," he told Sway. "So I positioned myself differently on the sofa." He said he then started to have heart palpitations as if he were working out, even though he was simply sitting down. At noon the next day, he experienced similar pains, so he went to the emergency room.

"As soon as I hit the door, my whole left side kind of cramped up on me," he recalled. At that point, he says the pains returned. Doctors ran some tests and found that his blood pressure was an alarming 200/190. Soon after, he got a shot in his stomach, and doctors put a camera inside his thigh to look at his heart and see if there were any closed arteries.

"Everything is on you," he said of the feeling as tests were being run. "You can't leave. So you have the heart monitors on you, along with the two IVs, along with this other monitor that they give you that stays inside your chest."

Doctors ran more tests on Sermon yesterday, this time with better results. "It was all negative yesterday, as far as, they found nothing." —Adam Fleischer