Eddie Griffin, Tracy Morgan Want to Play Ol’ Dirty Bastard in Biopic, Rza Says

Who would you rather see portray Ol’ Dirty Bastard on the big screen: Eddie Griffin or Tracy Morgan?

In an interview with XXL, the beloved rapper’s cousin, RZA said the two actors are vying for the part in an upcoming biopic about the deceased rapper and as far as he’s concerned, either one is a good fit.

Eddie Griffin is down” he said.  “Me and Eddie talked about it, laughed about it. Tracy Morgan, he wanna do it [too]. I said ‘Ya’ll both kinda can do it.’”

Asked who had an edge, the Wu-Tang Clan leader hinted at Griifin. “Eddie spent time with Dirty,” he shared. “They knew each other well.”

The ODB movie has apparently been in the works for some time now, with Raeshawn, another cousin of the wild and crazy rapper, penning the script.

“He’s been working on it for two years now,” RZA confirmed. “[In fact] I think Eddie’s already signed on with a letter of Intent—I signed on, of course. So you know [Raeshawn] got my blessin’ to make it happen.”

This isn’t the only Wu-Tang picture in the works. XXL broke the news that Raekwon’s story will be coming to the big screen, too. He has some star power connected to his flick as well including Cee Lo Green, who will be playing the Chef’s father.

Meanwhile The RZA recently finished shooting his directorial debut, The Man With The Iron Fist, in China. The long-awaited kung fu flick stars Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu and Pam Grier, among others. Horror movie director Eli Roth also helped the Shaolin rap icon pen the script.

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com for more information on the upcoming Wu-Tang films. —Jesse Gissen

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  • ItsBrittanyB*tch

    Eddie is too old…

  • fuckaroundgetsprayedwithlysol

    I feel like eddie is a better actor, and could resemble dirty more.



  • http://reverbnation.com/spydathacannon SpydaThaCannon

    Eddie would prolly be best but Tracy would prolly sound more like him. Honestly I’m more interested in RZA kung-fu film.

  • Pingback: Eddie Griffin och Tracy Morgan sägs vara intresserade i en roll som Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Grand Smack

  • aaron

    this may be a good movie…..as far as eddie or tracey i do not see them as ODB…..Maybe Marlon Wayons….hmmmm just a hunch!

  • XYZ

    BOTTOMLINE it would be cheaper to have eddie than tracy but would rather see tracy act a fool doin it

  • Ali Muhammad

    Tracy Morgan All day ,cause he Know the Bk Lingo from Bedstuy…if he could pen the serious parts of OdB it would be Great,,,also Odb was Highly devoted to His Supreme Wisdom Lessons So i hope they put that in the Movie….If u was At Tupacs Death celebration in 1996 in harlem he spoke and moved the crowd ODB LOved ALLAH’s Mathematics….

  • bottom line

    Bottom line this is going to be a dope movie and i don’t see tracey morgan as ODB. I don’t think he can get into the character like Eddie could. Can’t wait until this movie drops keep us posted i want to see clips.

  • seriously

    u would rather see a kung fu flick not in addition to this i want to see the kung fu flick? This movie is going to sell tremendously. Wu has a HUGE following. When is this movie coming out. Im definitely going to see it. Word!

  • EQ

    Yall thought yall wasn’t going to see me I’m the Osirus of this shh…mfer Wutang is here forever! Totally overdue yall got to have his son play him too he look just like that mf’er

  • EQ

    I thought dudes name was Raison not Raeshawn journalism at its finest i see lol….