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    <strong>That Drink</strong>
    “I’m on that drink, baby, I think I’m comatose” —Lil Wayne feat. Birdman “I Got Some Money On Me”
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    “I’m loving my shine, sippin’ on fine wine/Up in some fine dime then she gave me Einstein” —Lil Wayne “Hands Up”“I make her cum so many times, call her ‘nutcase’/It’s Young Money, baby, take your clothes off/Give me them three holes, bowling ball/Two shots of whatever/Keep them bitches coming and she can get whatever” —Lil Wayne “Two Shots”
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    <strong>Weed and Pills</strong>
    “I woke up this morning, dick rock hard/Ashed my blunt in my Grammy award” —Lil Wayne “Abortion”“Been in the game, I’m knee deep, I like good head, I like good reefer” —Lil Wayne “Racks”“Talk that shit, I walk that shit/Pills, weed, all that shit, if a bitch is bad/I’ma call that bitch” —Lil Wayne “Up, Up, and Away”
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    <strong>X, Weed and Cialis</strong>
    “We the shit yea, Weezy go hard like Cialis/Don’t love that bitch/I fucked that ho/She pop X, I smoke O’s, tic tac toe” —Lil Wayne “Sorry 4 the Wait”
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    “And we gonna stay current like the water in the lake/Yeah, we gonna fuck around like we fuckin’ in a circle/Pardon the slur, that’s the purple” —Marvin’s Room”
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    “Shawty fine as fuck though, now she kiss me on my neck/I hope she ain’t cut throat/Cut down on the syrup ’cause it made me fuck slow” —Lil Wayne “Two Shots”
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    “Mad my bitch on that coke/She snorted four on the bed/Now the bitch on me/She selling pussy and pay me” —Lil Wayne “Tunechi’s Back”
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    “Yeah, thinking ’bout you girl got my mind on E/You know them other niggas ain’t me/Girl I got that 12 Play for ya, that 12 Play for ya/Just sit on my grill, that’s that tailgate for ya” —So Special”

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