On the eve of the release of his sophomore album, Take Care (Nov. 15), Drake's father sat down with Action 5 News in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, to talk about his son's musical roots and his ever-growing talent.

"I used to hold him in my lap while I played the piano," Dennis Graham, who was a drummer for Jerry Lee Lewis, said of Drake's musical upbringing. "This is how it got started."

According to Mr. Graham, Drake spent summers with him, thus, being closely exposed to music since childhood, and that he was one of the many supporters that encouraged Drake to be "different" by singing as well as rapping. "That's why his metaphors are so phenomenal now, because he's been in Memphis," he said, adding that Drake considers the city more his home than even Toronto, Canada.

But Mr. Graham doesn't take all credit for Drake's talent; he says Drizzy's diversity comes from his mother, Sandy.

And when asked about the success Drake has reached the last few years, his father is still stunned.

"My God. I look at him and i think, oh my God, this kid's got it," he said.—Gina Montana