Drake Responds To Ludacris Shot Via Twitter

When Ludacris dropped his new mixtape, 1.21 Gigawatts: Back to the First Time, last week, two tracks immediately got the Internet buzzing. “History Lesson (Interlude)” and “Bada Boom” seemed to be taking shots at Drake and Big Sean for their use of what’s been called “hashtag” rap, the “pause, stop” rap flow or the “supa dupa” flow. Well, over the weekend, Drake broke his silence. Sort of.

On Saturday (November 19), Drizzy took to Twitter in response to Big Sean’s Twitter handle with a fittingly subliminal response to Luda’s subliminal diss (the Atlanta rapper didn’t name any names in his songs).

“@BigSean You awlready know. I wish they’d just let young niggas live…respect always,” the Young Money rhymer tweeted.

On the song “Bada Boom,” Luda raps, “I’m the truth in this booth and you niggas all hoes… Counterfeit rappers say I’m stealing their flows, but I can’t steal what you never made up biiitch/ Y’all some duplicate rap cloning niggas/I manufacture you hoes put on your makeup biiitch.” Later, he continues, “May not like the way I used it, but you know you ain’t invent it, boy/Do your research before you make a claim so bogus that’s disrespecting pioneers in the game.”

Late last week, Big Sean responded during a radio interview with Seattle’s KUBE 93. The G.O.O.D. Music star gave a few more words on the subject than Drake did, saying, “I aint got no problems with Luda, I never did. I think he’s referring to an interview I did over a year ago. But in the interview I say he’s a legend. I respect people who are ahead of me. I respect OGs and the Gs in general. The only thing I said was they asked me about the ‘Supa Dupa’ flow. I feel like Drake make it more popular on that song ‘Forever.’ A lot of people thought Drake made that up but he was like, ‘I could trace that back to Big Sean.’ I’m pretty sure it was done before that, but I’m just saying where it come from now.”

Ludacris has yet to confirm that he was indeed sending shots in Drake and Big Sean’s directions.

Drake’s Take Care is expected to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 tomorrow. —Adam Fleischer

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  • Returnof4eva

    i bet he cried when he heard it…..ol supa sensitive ass

    • JugularKill


      Drake and Big Sean are some pussys. I don’t mean that as in “Oh everyone is a pussy who don’t attack” I mean they’re the most softest niggaz on the planet.

      Drake has some kind of weird body that lacks testosterone and Big Sean has no fire in his belly he just happy happy joy joy like Lil B.

      I like rappers to have some spark, some anger,

      Rick Ross, 2Pac, Luda, even Kanye can get aggressive when he needs to….

      Fuck is wrong with these soft ass lames?

      I hate this new generation (unfortunately my generation) talking bout “letting young niggaz live”.

      This young/ old war won’t last long it’s just a phase, these niggaz forget that no one stays young forever.

      • miles aka lil m

        drake i aint gone lie u bitch out u was my favorite raper but,u bitch out like luda said say it to my face i thik u need to make song

  • Returnof4eva

    i bet Drake cried when he heard it…..ol supa sensitive ass

  • 619

    Luda said at the end of Bada Boom that next time they had a issue they should say it to his face instead of goin on Twitter all the time. And what does Drake’s bitch ass do? Goes and talks about it on Twitter.


    I respect drake for his hustle and work ethic, young cats can learn from that….However, he can not ALWAYS shy away from confrontation and beef..especially in the rap game..the world is a nasty place and sooner or later, your passes gonna run out and you got to handle your business…You do have some serious JUGERNAUTS in the game backing you (lil wayne, birdman, jigga,) but you cant always be the little brother..man up son..let LUDA know you aint shook..you aint gonna get hurt son, its only on WAX..

    • Tanaka

      Tha truth i think drake maybd a cool rapper but honestly luda wil roast that lil nigga and throw him dwn squash him lyk a finishd ciggar and therz nothin lil wayne and birdman can do coz luda is so HOOD .

  • http://stevemartinvblog.com Reeeup

    Drake eats Ludas breakfast, yall need to stop hating on success, fuck all yall

    • Yung_dud

      STFU nigga. Drake insulted LUda in a interview for NO REASON. Now you lame ducks talking about Luda hating Drizzy. Fuck outta here. Drake and Big Sean started this shit. Luda minding his business and these little niggas talking greasy. You a bitch for defending some bitch shit like that. Luda got mo money them both them niggas put together. What Luda got to be jealous about? SMH

    • $yk

      if anything Luda has had much more music industry success than Drake…

      perhaps you should stop “jocking” one’s success, and work on your own…you become delusional when you overlook facts.

  • Azhar

    Luda needed to smack they ass for comin out they mouth wrong.. neither one of them could fcuk with Luda on the mic. So they would respond on their Twitter….eal bitch made both of y’all….Lmao…

  • aaron

    when you think you are on top…the people will challenge you all the time so just defend yourself and stop thinking you are being hated on……Its Hip Hop!…….this is why I do not like the new generation of rappers!

  • R.Mendez

    Ridiculous, Nice to see Luda actin like he’s not 5 foot 7 and 150 pounds soakin wet, THat nigga aint beatin nobody up for no reason, Kinda like lil wayne aint beatin nobodys ass. Leave that nigga drake alone, He’s real, he aint hidin his emotions in his music, there aint nothin wrong with that. Everyone gets so held up on the tough guy persona in the hip hop industry but honestly most of these guys arent tough guys, they might have sold a little coke every now and then but you ait gotta be tough to do that.

    Just knock it off, or set up a sanctioned mma fight and show us tough.

    • DaveDude

      Drake would still get his ass handed to him, homie. Drake is a bit of a blob, on and off the mic. He aint handing anyone their ass LMAO

      Anyway, just like Luda said at the end of Bada Boom… say it to his face, not over Twitter. And what Drake do? Cry over Twitter. LMAO!

    • NewGeneration

      thats right and about the interview Drake was right, the way luda used it WAS wack. If luda was offended he shouldve spoke about it before not a year later in hopes to spark his career. Lame, I like luda and drake but Luda fucked with the wrong nigga.

      • SP

        @ New generation-

        Gimme a break. You sound just as ignorant as the the other excuses some of these so called “new generation dudes are using. Luda is classic. I’ve never even bought a Luda album, but I definitely know that as a producer and artist, Drake needs a lesson in proper mouthpiece management instead of taking shots at people that help build a foundation in rap. Stop crying and steadily talking about how young and great you are and get that ass whooped one time. No hater involved. The young cat is just soft. bottom line. bottom line.

      • Tanaka

        New generation the truth remains luda wil swallow drake , he wnt evn chew coz drake wont fight back . Just coz drake has a couple of hits dnt mean he can step on luda . On evry colaboration luda outraps evryone and drake only goes n writes on twitter coz he knows on the mic luda will F him up in evry posi tion.

  • rebellious


  • http://www.imflashy.com C Dub

    Funny enough in that Forever song I heard that line ‘Ladies want my name by the X like Malcolm‘ way before Drake said it Luda said it in a green lantern freestyle. Look it up on youtube.

  • GreaterlolllerzZ

    It has nothing 2 do with who’s the best on the mic.

    It has to do with, WHO invented this style.

    And clearly its LUDA that came up wit it, just listen to move bitch and yall see what i mean, he has other songs with that style too, these songs came out when drake still ate boggers,

  • http://dignitti.com Dignitti

    Every chance these YOUNG NIGGAS THATS TRYIN TO LIVE get they takin shots @ VETS. Dont start whinin when they get on ya ass. SOFT ASS NIGGAS. SHUT THE FUCK UP OR RESPOND.

    • neka

      yea they always do that like take a shot at a vet and then be like i dont know where she or he comin from with all this.

  • neka

    u know what gets me about the world is when luda was out niggas was on it and now drake is out niggas on it and then drake will be gone and yall be on sum new shit. like eva one followers got follow the crowd but everybody hollering im real. lol

  • Mike123

    Personally I like Drake, but it looks like he fucked up mayne…It ain’t cool to diss a legend dude, as for Big Sean I think it’s just a missunderstanding. By the way, who do you think is more sucessful Lil Wayne or Luda ?

  • Kaminski Dasshh

    Exactly drake should’ve responded along time ago ..instead a yr later .So wack he’s wack his damn self so I dont expect anything better from luda. Drake is a much better artist then luda will ever be .His rapping skills are garbage .drakes fan base is alot larger bc he can touch any issue .All the fucknhater who keep riding his dick about him showing his emotions forget he had two grammys off a mixtape ,both his freshman and sophomore album hit #1.Drake all the way life can stfu and shove that mix tape up his ass nobody invented anything n this rap game its all been done before