Big Sean Doesn’t Mind if Drake Borrows His Style

From the track “Round of Applause” to Take Care‘s “Underground Kings,” a lot of speculation has been brewing over whether or not Drake has been biting G.O.O.D Music artist, Big Sean’s voice cracking inflection.

The Finally Famous MC revealed to that, whether that’s the case or not, there’s no ill will.

“I don’t feel no way about [all these rumors],” Sean tells XXL. “A lot of people make it so that me and him have beef and it ain’t no beef between us. Drake is one of my favorite artists and I ain’t got nothing against the guy. I respect his work. No problems at all.”

In the past, Drake has admitted to borrowing the Detroit-native’s style, specifically channeling his signature “Supa-Dupa” flow.

“That flow, I trace it back to Big Sean,” he said during an interview. “That’s the first guy I heard utilize that flow throughout the duration of a verse. I’ll give him that credit.”

But Sean gives Drake credit for influencing hip-hop in his own way. “As far as styles go, [Drake's] made a lot of styles up himself,” he said. “He’s definitely someone that hip-hop really needs.”

Big Sean is currently on his worldwide Finally Famous tour. Stay tuned for his XXL XXcLusive tour recap tomorrow (November 14). —Ralph Bristout

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  • dmxej2

    It’s sad how people try to bait these niggas into saying bad things about each other. If Big Sean had said one little comment about not appreciating someone biting is style, niggas woulda ran with that and acted like he had a real problem with Drake. Sean played it smart by totally downplayin it, but most niggas don’t do that, so the media interprets it as some type of beef or potential beef and that’s how shit gets started from nothin, like when they asked Drake how he felt about Ludacris stealin his flow on My Chick Bad.

  • D90

    whats really a shame is how they let big sean think he created that style of rapping… any1 ever heard of cam’ron? he been rappin like that for years

  • Sean

    Everybody gets styles and lyrics from somebody else, what’s new. My concern is “Where’s the BEEF (content)”. Is there a story line, is there something there that educates you in an intertaining way. Is there something about the artists that sets him or her apart in their story. Is there something lyrically amazing in flow or words used. Rap from the begining is an art form. Where’s the art? WFF is not.

  • jason

    thank you D90, I been saying that for years. Cam and dipset been rhymin that way forever

  • Wheel Chair Jimmy

    Both in my opinion good rappers, but to call a voice cracking inflection a flow, is pushing it.

  • black jesus

    he shouldnt mind that drake borrowed the style that he borrowed from cam’ron.