50 Cent is growing up.

After long-time nemesis Rick Ross suffered two seizures a couple of weeks ago, 50 tweeted that the oversized rapper needed to "take care of his self" and that he doesn't "wish death on him." Now, Fif tells MTV News that the beef between the two is non-existent, as far as he's concerned, and that he rather refer to it as battling, if anything.

"This is why they changed the terminology from 'battling' to 'beefing,'" 50 explained. "It was always that battling was a part of the culture; they didn't do that until Tupac and Biggie Smalls' situation. That's when it became taboo to actually mention an artist's name."

As to how the feud even kicked off, 50 Cent pegs that to Rozay wanting to build his profile up at the time. "He says it started because I looked at him the wrong way," Fif says. "That just means he wanted to compete, he wanted to move up, he wanted to create an awareness for himself, and he did it."—Gina Montana